Stuck in park??

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by HoofBeatsRfastr, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Ok guys, here is my problem.....Sometimes when my car is cold and I get in it to go somewhere, it won't go out of park for a while. I don't know what is wrong with it and its bugging me. Has anyone seen or heard of this? Thanx
  2. Same crap happened to me a couple of months ago, that's If this Is the same problem that I had. I forgot the name of It but, It's a little sensor under where the break and gas pedal Is. what happened to me was, that sensor Im talking about, It controls the break lights as well as the ability to put It into drive. there was a wire that got pulled out that sensor that controls It to go into drive, reverse, neutral and such...the sensor would be located If you follow your break pedal all the way up into the dash...check It for any loose wires. If It is that, you may want to look at a diagram of It to get a better understanding of It, which you can find online somehow. that's all I know about It...
  3. Yep, I just had the same problem with a ford van at work. The wire under the dash H8Eternal is talking about is what prevents you from putting it in gear unless your foot is on the brake. If it is intermittent, or only happens when its cold, it may be a sticky switch. Some contact cleaner like Deoxit-5 or just plain alcohol should clean it right up. The connector on said wire was grey in the van, not sure if ford kept it a standard color on all their cars. Just look for a wire connected to some sort of sensor or switch on or around the brake pedal.
  4. It's called Brake-Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI).

    In order to comply with federal rules, there are probably two switches on your brake pedal, one to actuate the lights directly, and a second for the shift interlock. The first is likely more robust (if you got out and stood behind your car, I bet the brake lights would still be on, even if it doesn't allow you to shift).

    Try to inspect the switch if you can. If it's sticking a bit some grease or a cleaning might clear it up. I know it's an awkward area, so you may just want to take it in to avoid the hassle and killing your back. :)