stuck in reverse

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by STEEDA98, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. what are possible reason's for my car getting stuck in drives fine in reverse,i just can't shift out of the gear.this happened symptoms whatsoever of a bad transmission or driveline.i just backed out of my driveway then i couldn't get the stick out of reverse.the clutch is old but seems to be working ok.
  2. The same thing happened to my 99 cobra. You need a new trans. Ford replaced my tranny(tremec t-45) after 2 weeks of appeals from the dealer. I had an aftermarket shifter on the car(pro-5.0) and SVT wanted to void my warranty. Eventually ford paid 80%, and I paid 20%. They never did honor my warranty. The after market shifter had nothing to do with the stuck in reverse issue. The mechanics said I had a bent shift fork, and the reverse gears were grinded off. Make sure you put everything back to stock before you take it in, or you'll go through the same crap I did.

  3. You may also want to check the quadrant if it bending it wont let the clutch engage completely, Is it hard to get into first sometimes? If it is and you have no grinding check there first.
  4. My buddy had that same problem on his 95 gt. . . he converted his car to a stick some time ago and he dumped his clutch in reverse and it simply wouldnt come out. . . he rebuilt his trans and all is glorious in the land of the mustangs once again
  5. It’s your shift fork in your gear box and its common. It will cost you $600 + to fix the gear box. Your better off geting a remanufactured tranny by going to Phinex hard parts. After the core charge I got a T-45 for a GT for $500 and its great. They ship UPS. They also put trannys on EBay as a teaser so check out eBay prices before you call them or they might hike up the price. Their website is . They had the best prices when I was looking. Good luck.
  6. the shifter just popped out and all seems ok.i do need a new clutch,maybe that was the cause in the first place.thanks for all your input fellas.