Progress Thread Stuck on an Axle Bearing - Any Ideas

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  1. Hi All,

    I am stuck with a problem and need a meeting of the minds. I installed the rear axle into the car and then re-installed the rear axles with the same bearings that were on to begin with. I bought the rear end loose so I'm not sure if it had any issues prior or not. Of course when removing the axles I did not take notice if this was an existing problem so I'm not sure.

    Drivers side slides right in and the axle flange to axle plate tightens up and all is good. On the passenger side though the bearing will go in only so far and then stops with it still sticking out of the race by a 1/16" or so. Cannot get it to go in further. No glaring material in the race that would stop it so I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be????

    I have attached some pics where you can see the bearing sitting not all the way in. When I tighten up the axle flange to axle plate bolts the axle gets tight and if I keep going it will no longer turn.


    IMG_2542.JPG Resize Bearing Not In.jpg Resize Bearing On Axle.jpg Resize Bearing Race.jpg
  2. a gentle tap with a mallet on the end of the axel will seat the bearing. i have had snug fitting bearings before. use a little oil on the bearing that will help .also use grease on the seal lip before you install the axel ,that will keep it from burning
  3. Thanks horse sense. I have hit the end of the axle with some 'persuasive' taps from a 10lb sledge and this thing doesn't want to go. I'll try oiling her up but there's already old axle grease on there which didn't seem to help. I'll try again though. Do you think there's a possibility that the bearing was not pressed on enough? Ever heard of that happening?
  4. looking at you pic again it looks like the bearing is seated correct. it looks like the tin shim behind the bearing may be interfearing with the retainer plate seating correctly ,will it slip over the bearing?
  5. Yes it does. Really weird..I actually reversed that tin shim thinking the small flange may somehow be interfering. Maybe I should heat the axle first and then try to send her home. A brain scratcher for sure.
  6. i just re read your first post and relized that you said the axel will not turn when you tighten the flange.i now believe the problem is the end of the axel is hitting the pinnion pin inside the third member. i had one do this some time ago but it had 4.11 gears and i think the thickness of the ring gear off set the spiders just enough for the axel to hit the pinnion pin. i now you probably do not have such a low gear so i cant figure why it would hit .what i would try is take a yellow crayon and color in the end of the axel and insert the axel back in and see if there is a mark on the end of the axel when you remove it, tap on the end of the axel when you put it back in to make sure if it is hitting there will be a clear mark in the crayon . i checked an old 8 inch i have here and the bearing should seat inside the backing plate and not stick past it. it is also possible the bearing retainer may be hitting try the crayon on it as well and tighten the flange just enough to put friction on the axel and turn it ,pull the axel back out and see if it wiped the crayon off the retainer IMG_2752.JPG .
  7. With the axle in place as far as I can get it it, the pinion still turns freely. When I start tightening the bolts the pinion gets tougher and tougher to turn. Maybe I'll pull the third member out and try to refit the axle to see if at least there's no problem with the bearing race. First I'll try the crayon method you suggested. Raining here today so I'll have to wait to roll the car out (not much room in the garage). Supposed to be dry this aft so I may get a chance.
    Thanks again.
  8. Have you tried swapping axles side for side?
  9. +1, they are different lengths..I thought axle bearings needed to be pressed on, did I miss that step somewhere here?
  10. Bearings were already on the rear when I bought it. I'm assuming they are on correctly but don't know for sure.
  11. After hitting it with a 10 lb sledge you should be very careful to check everything before running it. Depending on where your interference is you could have damaged the bearing or something else in the rear. It's not pretty when an axle bearing lets go. If you don't catch it early you can end up 3 wheeling it down the road.. you can get some serious body damage or worse.

    I would recommend you have that bearing replaced unless you can 100% convince yourself that the bearing wasn't taking the impact when you were hitting the axle with a hammer.

    I agree with the others that you might have the axles in the wrong ends of the diff.
  12. if they were in on the wrong side one axel would stick out a lot farther than what is in the pics .there is some where around 1 1/2 " -2 " difference in axel lengths somthing is bottoming out some where it would have to be the end of the axel hitting the spider pin or the bearing retainer hitting, or the wrong bearing if it binds when tight . one thing i forgot to ask is does the bearing turn with the axel out?
  13. Bearing turns nicely with the axle out. Also, as you stated the axles are in the correct side. We're talking about 1/8" or so until she's home but just won't go that last little bit. The axle are completely different in length and I think it would be very clear if they were in the wrong way.
  14. Yes I've thought about that. Even if the bearing suffered a catastrophic failure the axle plate should prevent the '3 wheeling' I would think. The rear third member is going to be replaced. I just need to get it working so I can shuttle the car once the motor is in. I will be replacing the third member with a posi unit and discarding the open 2:80 that's in there now.