Engine Stuck/seized Tfs Aluminum Head


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Mar 7, 2016
Hey, as I am sure most of you can to relate at some point, im most of half-way through a job and hit a damn brick wall. My 95 302 had been going through radiators and just generally giving me grief and she finally decided it was time I replace the head gaskets. driver side head came off just fine, passenger side(always heard/smelled exhaust leak from this side), however, feels as if it has seized or bonded in some way to the block and can not get it off, ive tried using plastic tools and sliding, tapping them inbetween the block and head in an attempt to separate them but i have had no luck. also noteworthy,
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head studs have not been removed, cannot figure out how to remove without catastophically damaging them, and though I plan to replace them, would like to keep them intact if at all possible.
She hasn't run in 2 months and at that point only drove down the block before making an unnerving valve knock, and hadn't run for ~8 months before then, as you can imagine, i'm really wanting to get this off so i can get her running as soon as possible.
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