Stud mount rocker vs pedestal mount rocker cylinder heads?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Great68, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Which is better, and can you put a set of pedestal rocker heads on a 289?

    I'm asking because someone I know is selling a set of the #60379 Edelbrock heads and I want to know if I can actually just bolt them on to my motor without any problems.

  2. there is no better or worse. Just depends what your going to use it for?

    Yes you can run those heads as long as you check the push rod length.
  3. Oh, ok thanks. I heard that the stud mount are stronger than the pedestal, but I'm probably wrong.

    What scenario would warrant choosing one system over another?
  4. Isn't pedestal were you use a bolt to hold the rocker arm down, while stud uses a nut? If it is, then I think pedestal is better, but I'm not sure why. I remeber reading a thread on this very same topic in the 5.0 section, and it was stated that pedestal rockers were better.

  5. Pedestal mount are more for stock applications where decking wasn't involved or big profile cams. Easy to install as long as you check the geometry. Never had them make noise once I installed them.

    stud are better for adjusting to changes in the engine. Almost always require readjusting once the engine is ran. Do yourself a favor and get poly locks if you get stud mounted rockers much much better.
  6. Pedestals have a shoulder for a more positive stop, there's no nut under the rocker on a stud. Also there are pressed in versus threaded studs. Under normal use (sub 5,000 RPM) with mild camshafts (0.475 or so) and springs the pressed in shafts are fine. Under high perfromance conditions they can work loose or cause flexing with catastrophic results.
  7. One thing, pedestal mount rockers don't use a stud. They use a long bolt. There are two different kind of stud mounts. One is pressed and the other is threaded into the head. The threaded studs won't pull out with high lift and/or stiff springs.
  8. Ped mounts heads will interchange!! use the late model 302 pushrods.. ( like the 79-83 type) !! and rock!!

    The stud mounts are stronger... and they are NEEDED when there is a lot of spring pressures and high rpm!! however thay can be used on any of the SBFs and allow a tuning aid for low/mid/topend by varing the lash. Which the bolt down peds dont have cool?? Easy?? ped mounts !! Tunability.. stud mounts!!

    Just me.....................