Stud vs pedestal rockers?

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  1. Are there any real advantages to stud mounted rockers over pedestal ones.I have a 95 gt and looking for heads that i can install myself.Its for a street/weekend warrior that i wont spin over 6000rpm.Also how would it run with say an intake,maybe some afrs or twisted wedges and a stock cam?Thanks
  2. Stud mount rockers are stronger and easier to adjust. I would just use whatever the heads are already set up for, especially if you are just using a stock cam. Although I do recommend bumping up the cam at least a little bit, especially if you are spending a good wad of cash on nice aluminum heads. The strength won't be an issue, and the adjustment usually isn't an issue either on a standard wedge head (which includes just about every entry level head except TF 170s). The factory style hydraulic lifter actually has a huge acceptable adjustment range.

  3. Yup what Kurt said.

    I prefer stud mount better just because it's so much more easier to adjust, but you need more clearance inside the valve cover to clear the poly locks.
  4. oh ok thanks guys.If i go with stud mounted heads ,are stock pushrod's gonna work ?or if i get a kit that comes with them, will i still have to check length?thanks
  5. Most of those heads work well with stock pushrods so long as they haven't been milled. It only takes a minute to check. If you have stud mount rockers, you have to have hardened pushrods anyway. My adivce is to pick the heads you want, and just check the length with one of your old stock pushrods. If it works out well, order a set of hardened pushrods in stock length. If not, then you will have to get a measuring tools and start figuring out what you need. The stud mount rockers also require more valve cover clearance. I recommend the Trick Flow valve covers.

  6. i am actually thinking about the trick flow top end kit,being that i had it on my 86 gt that i just got rid of(previous owner had done)so going from a 12.4 @112mph car to a stock(other than gears,long tubes and cai)leaves alot to be desired.thanks for the helpful advice.This car tho,i want to build myself and other than exhaust,clutches and basic bolt ons i have never pulled heads on a ford so i am a little nervous about making an expensive mistake.
  7. The TFS kit is hard to beat for the price, it will come with the stud mount rockers, the 6.7" pushrods which generally work on a stock block.
  8. Thats what i am leaning towards,do you sell the kits?thanks