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  1. Does that plastic part that you mentioned, look something like this?

  2. Hi no the part was attached to the key switch and I put the one from the donor car in but still no luck. I have now tried three ccrms and two ecus. I have been going through the harness checking the power supply. There is no power going to pins 12 and 24, 8 and ten are supposed to be live all the time and they are not. pin 11 coming from the 20 amp fuse is hot. the green and red that powers the coil I believe pin 13 is live. There is no power going to the check engine light or the ecu. The 40 amp fuse in the engine fuse box in the fourth slot turns on the cooling fan and then after a minute it blows that fuse. I would like to know where the red wires in 12 and 24 on the ccrm get there power from also how the obd1 powers up. Thanks this is driving mu crazy.
  3. That is the next part I want to check, can it be jumped to simulate all systems go in the run position ? That way I could eliminate the ignition switch.
  4. have
    have checked the distributor yet?
  5. Hi I'm not stumped anymore The problem was a dead short in the radiator fan. The short was shutting down the entire pcm system. W hat a pain in the butt. Thanks for all the help and links to the diagrams . The shot cut power to pins 8 10 12 and 24 on the ccrm.