1. Started at the back and now working my way forward. Thinking that it may be my filter. Although my filter and pump is brand new, i did remember seeing ALOT of rust at the bottom of the tank when i replaced the pump. Im thinking some of that rust is clogging up the pump or the filter and not allowing fuel getting to the motor. Gonna change the filter and go from there.
  2. If you're talking about @jrichker , the funny part about it is that he's usually right and following his advice often save all kinds of time and money.
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  3. Test fuel pressure at the schrader valve and tell us the pressure. If it were the FPR you would likely see or smell gas at the vacuum line.
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  4. You are welcome to step up to the plate and write your own version. A different viewpoint from a technically proficient person is always useful. It won't take long for us all to figure out if you are really good at diagnosing technical problems and writing solid, readable documentation or that you aren't up to the task.
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  5. Oh okay. What does fuel pressure need to be at idle?
  6. I didn't say for a purpose. Tell us what you see.
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  7. Ooh, i like tests
  8. this happened to my buddy.. You will never guess what it was!.. And his car sat for a month till he got some funds to TS it.. It was a fly in the MAF .. lol
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  9. Whats the chances that rust from the bottom of the tank clogging up the fuel pump and filter? curious cause the bottom of the tank had a lot of rust....
  10. I dont think its the filter it would have to be hardcore clogged to not allow even an idle. If the pump primes then it makes sense for it to start for a sec, probably not the pump.. Im thinking something electronic.. So check the timing, i know its not running so just find TDC and make sure its in the ballpark, and make sure the MAF is OK and there is nothing blocking the air at the filter or sensor.

    Most of all though.. When did it last run and what changed since then? Coincidences are exceedingly rare so any changes are probably the direct cause.
  11. Prior to me starting my mini resto the car was sitting for a while. Id start it every now and then but when i started all of this the car would idle funny, sort of shaky but would idle. I just cleaned the MAF last night, and it still wont idle. Funny thing is, when i hit the gas before it dies, itll rev up and idle very shaky for a bit, then die.
  12. Ole Boy's checklist? :shrug:
  13. Got one more I want you to check....you say you changed the intake gaskets? Is that to say you removed the distributor then as well? If so, recheck to make sure you "stabbed it" (sorry Mike) properly upon reinstall. If it's not installed in the proper location, the car will run like hell...even with the correct timing.

    It's free and it takes about 5-minutes to check.

    If you're not sure how to do it, let me know and I'll give you a step by step.
  14. That step by step would help greatly sir.
  15. Sorry I left you hanging. Been a busy day. Here's a pretty good step by step that another person put together that will save me a ton of typing and explains it quite well.

    I plan on addition to our tech section in the future, but for the time being....

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  16. Not a problem. Thank you sir.
  17. Got er goin?
  18. 60+ hour work weeks is preventing me from doing much right now.
  19. Keep us posted
  20. Alright. Tested the fuel pressure tonight, reads around 39-40 at idle (I'm modulating the throttle just to make the thing idle, otherwise it'll die.) I did take a video of the problem so y'all can see what i mean. But idk how to upload it to here. Help? lol