Stupid banjo bolt/brake question time... (oh goodie!)

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 98 Yeller' SVT, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. I'm doing a brake overhaul on my 98 Cobra... painting calipers, installing speed bleeders, new pads, and SS braided lines.

    Since the calipers had to be painted and SS lines installed, I just plugged the hard line and removed the front calipers completely from the car.

    Now, stupid question time...

    1.) Does the little hole in the side of the banjo bolt have to line up perfectly with the little hole on the SS line "mount" that the bolt runs through?

    ...or is there enough "slack" between the bolt and mount when installed/tightened down that the pressurized fluid finds its way into the hole regardless if its lined up or not....????

    If it has to be lined up perfectly, how in the hell is one supposed to pull off that magic trick? Is there something I'm missing here....

    2.) Is there anything special I need to know to install pads on the caliper with the caliper off the car? I ASSume it would be easier, but since my slack ass has never even changed the pads ON the car...I kinda' lack a reference point.

  2. No special orientation. The banjo has a cavity in it so fliud will find the hole. I just coat the back of the pads with Hi-Temp Disc Brake Grease
  3. Cool, thank-ya! :D
  4. Don't forget to compress the caliper piston as well if installing new pads so that they'll slide onto the rotor alot easier but then remember to pump the brake pedal a few times before you move the car.