Stupid Coal Canister..Remove??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by latham83, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Hey guys i just tore out all my smop piping and the pump itself...
    I seen someone said u can scrap that coal canister too...there is a hose that goes to the manifold..would i just plug that?? and also a sensor...
    then theres one hose/pipe going into the firewall???! what the hell is that? can someone help me?

    also is there anything else i can scrap while im at it..ANYTHING?? my engines apart
  2. You should really have searched, this has come up so many times.

    The charcoal canister vents fumes from the gas tank, into the intake to be burnt off. This is an emissions thing, but it's also an efficiency thing.

    I would recommend NOT removing it, because you would have to vent that line somewhere else, people who do this usually complain about smelling gas more often.
  3. Another vote for not doing it...


    If you want to, just remove the canister, unplug the sensor, cap the port going into the intake. The vent running into the fender goes into your gas tank. Gas fumes from the tank are vented into the canister. You need to run it somewhere so the tank vents. Keep in mine gas vapors are flammable. Make sure you vent the line somewhere safe.

    But that's why i say not to do it
  4. I ripped mine out and capped of all the hoses that needed it. I ve seen many cars with that stuff all gone including mine.
  5. Your not supposed to cap it. The gas tank needs to vent. I pulled my canister, and ran the leftover line in the fender with the opening in somewhat close proximity to the K&N. This way when the car is on the fumes get sucked up. When its off and in the garage, I dont smell anything anyway.
  6. I was talking about all the smog equipment...i guess i forgot to say that.