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Nov 29, 1999
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No, not the computer that runs the car,....a standard ol windows pc.

If........if I put a computer in my car for the sole purpose of having a full time time tuning/ secondary monitoring interface in the car, I have a few questions with regard to pc operation.

Right now the thing is broken. The hinge has broken. While it still works, the simple process of opening the thing up requires some additional support with a thumb and forefinger to keep it from just breaking off.

Rather than building/ programming a raspberry ( which I know less than zero about), I have this step-child win 8 pc needing something to do. If there was ever a better purpose for a dying computer, I’d have to say this is it.

I think I’d mount the thing permanently, Somewhere back where the LJK sits. Maybe even hide the thing altogether. I only need a VGA to composite adapter to allow the thing to display to a separate monitor. So, I’d run a single long rca cable from where the PC would be mounted to the new touchscreen monitor that is in the new pioneer head unit.
That is the easy part.

The first issue is keeping it awake, and keeping it charged, all without draining my car battery. I want to keep the thing closed, and I think all I’ll need to do to keep it running in a closed state would be to disable the little thingy that tells the computer that the lid is closed ( some little prong like thing I’d imagine) And since I intend to keep it closed and running, I need to be sure the built in display isn’t running too. I’m guessing that when I tell the thing to display it’s picture through the VGA port, as long as I don’t turn the pc off, that’ll stay that way.
It draws 90watts, and like 5 amps when it’s running, according to the power supply, but that is probably due in part to it powering the internal display.
That won’t be happening anymore.

If I get one of those 12v to 120v inverter things, and tie it to a switched relay, the inverter would only be drawing current when the car is running. But..
The computer would be running on its battery in the mean time....that is if I keep it awake all the time. And even in its most minimal computing mode, I don’t think it’ll be long before that battery is dead. If I let the pc go to sleep for the sake of battery conservation, and the thing is buried behind me, how do I wake it back up w/o touching it someway? If I keep it powered up all the time and allow it to pull from my car’s battery, how long before that battery is dead?

I intend to get a foldable Bluetooth keyboard/mouse thingy...I guess that will wake the computer if I let it go to sleep...

It’s the stupid sht like this that keeps me from going to sleep.
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Feb 27, 2006
Not sure if thIs will help.

But, I had a buddy do that with an old desk top. He took apart the power switch and extended the wires to the cap, then then found a real small ball mouce that he used to control it.

Personally, I would set the power up like you said, and set it where it Hibernates when on battery power, then have a mouce that can wake it up. Then hide it but make sure you can manually get to it as needed.


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Mar 2, 2015
I did that with an older Dell laptop. It had a lot of my shop files on it. I set it up to display on a monitor and used a wireless keyboard. Couldn't even tell the difference in my office. Worked like that for a couple years.

I don't think it would be hard to run it off a power inverter. I ran that same computer ( Dell ) in my work truck and tow truck with an inverter for charging.

The only PITA was that after broken ( screen broke off base/ keyboard ) I had to press the power button on the unit to cut it on.

That power button is just a dang button...with very little skill you could probably extend that button to a location near the dash. Might even be able to change the button up a little. With a hotspot on your phone you'd have internet everywhere.

Oh man !!! We could see the Monster live on your next cruise....oh wow, that would be great !!!

Good thinkin' Mike...


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Nov 13, 1999
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The Asus Transformer T100 does the job you want.
They aren't much money, Windows 10 32-bit, 64GB eMMC storage, 2GB RAM, wifi, 10" touch screen.
Perfect fit for the battery tray & some angle aluminum for support. Hose clamps go around the vents to hold the back of the tray.
I bought it new 4 years ago for $300. Plenty on eBay for <$100.
The blue basket is a sun shield, it's just press fit. It's an experiment, a bit too small, but only $1. Had to cut 3 sides around the bottom.
White strip is an LED light bar ($1) attached to a piece of angle plastic.
Get might find a better way.

Programmable 3-outlet cigar lighter adapter (RHUNDO RS-20) for charger & all.
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