Stupid EGR!!!!

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  1. Well I removed most of my EGR but I'm having an Issue with caping off the darn port on my header :(. I was trying to find a post that I did where someone had a picture of the required Pipe caps but I can't find it :(. I got 2 5/8" caps but the darn header is tapered so I'm not so sure the cap will work :(. Hope someone can help me.

  2. :rlaugh: If you are cheap like me, I took some aluminium tape and wrapped the tube shut. Works just fine.

    The permenant fix would be to find a bolt that has the same thread as the nut on the header tube, and attach the bolt to the nut and it's sealed. You may want to shorten the bolt for looks, so when you determine how much you want to cut off, get a nut that is the same thread as well, thread the nut on the bolt, then cut down the bolt. Once you are done cutting the bolt, file the excess metal away from the threads, and back of the nut. This will clean up any burrs that are left over. A dye will work as well, but good luck finding 1 dye for that size.
  3. Yeah I got the Flared Nut that I needed :-D works great 5/8" although it was a pin in the butt to get it on not enough room LOL