Stupid Flu...

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  1. Ugh, Ive been sick with that d*** new flu for the past two days, Im feeling a little better today but guh, my head kills me now, I just ate and feel nauseous and Ive got a cough that sounds harder than a 93 Civic Ricer *BA-ZIIING* Haven't posted at all in the past days and decided Id check in, but not much has happened. Thank God the fever is gone. Oh well, better go lay down.

    Exploding Turtle- Sorry I got you sick :(

    Santa - Bring me a TC engine with ported head, and full dual Dynomax Super Turbo exhaust , connected with chrome polished ceramic headers please :)

    Bill Gates - Give me 8 grand, its chunk change

    EDIT: Santa, also throw in a T-5 while you are at it, Ive been good this year for the most part.
  2. Well thanks for bringing it around here and exposing us all to it. :rolleyes:

  3. s'ok, it proly wasn't you as much as it was Elyssa anyway :p being sick woulda been more fun if we coulda been together though! If you could call being sick fun...

    And I'd approach Bill Gates like this:

    Dear Bill Gates,
    I have windows and it crashes my computer all the time. Can you give me something better? Or maybe $100 bucks so I could fix it myself and then an extra $7,900 for pain and suffering? plzkthanks.

  4. *COUGH*


  5. Everyone around me is getting it, except me, i have a great immune system, but i'm starting to get worried.
  6. I had it two weeks ago, sucked booty, was out of work for three days, that paycheck blew monkey balls...

  7. Yeah, thats what I'm afraid of... everyone's telling me not to go to work but I really need the money.
  8. Well, I am right though, you shouldn't go to work, you work around 90 year old people :p but hey, its your choice. And yeah, I was feeling better yesterday but today I feel like Im going to hurl again, and it sucks. I think Imma work on my web site.

    Anyone here good with HTML Meta Tags? I cant seem to get onto search engines, or do I have to pay to do that. I have a free Geocities account. Stinger would seem like the one person I can go to to ask, unless he didnt do his own site, but anyone's help would be appreciated.
  9. the flu stinks. my wife gave it to me and I had a 104.7 fever. I had to go to the hospital where they put three liters of fluid in my bloods and kept me for 8 hours. On top of that my boss gave me crap for missing work. :bang:
  10. I think I am getting over it but I am not sure if it was the flu or what..... but whatever it was though was mean as hell......

    if I was had to describe how I felt by choosing what kind of car I was.....

    I would say I felt like a honduh crivic. (meant to say it like that)

    Slow weak cough weezing a bit and the snoring I did in bed can only be similar to a "performance exhaust" on a honduh.......
  12. i got it too, today it was up to 100.6 fever, i have had it since friday
  13. Um... I'm confused by that sentance and I think you are a little confused too :p

    I'm a girl and toadstang is my boy toy - Elyssa is his one year old neice who had the flu. we were watching her while she was sick, and therefore we got sick.

    Does that make sense? lol

  14. Appreciate that being cleared up. The "boytoy" thing might need a bit more explaination though.

    Merry Christmas,
  15. Hee Hee, I got it, and I also have one of my own.

    heh, I like 'em young.