Stupid forum newbie/punk kid question...

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  1. This question is probably stupid and annoying and impossible to answer, and if it is, just tell me to shut up...

    I'm 20, but I'll be 21 in May, so let's just assume I'm 21 already. The other day I woke up and turned on my computer-machine and checked the inter-web and saw a picture of the production 2005 GT Mustang and immediately passed out. Upon recovering, I had this crazy vision in my head of me owning one.

    Now I don't currently own a car, but we don't have any extras sitting around here, and I need to be able to get around. I've been looking at Taurus SHOs and Thunderbird SCs until now, but that's a digression... Point is I want a 2005 Mustang GT, preferably with all the fancy goodies like the colored interior and that pointless aluminum thing on the dash. (Yeah, I know that the older cars are smarter for about a thousand reasons, not the least of which is that they cost a tenth of the new GT's MSRP, I'm not too stupid to see the facts, just too stupid to make the right decision based on them.)

    So I've read that pricing won't change much from the 2004 models, and I've also read that you can drive away in a new GT for 21k. Is that price before or after rebates? Hopefully before because I'll bet Ford won't offer any incentives of any substantive sort on the new Stang. So let's assume that these - that pricing will remain constant and that you can get GTs for 21 - are both true (stop me here if they're not.) That essentially means that folks will be able to purchase these cars for around 21k right?

    Basically I really like the idea of being able to get ahold of one of the new GTs for something less than 28 grand. I'm terriffically lucky that I don't have any expenses like school and things (and I probably don't deserve to be,) and I could probably make a reasonable down payment and then pay the rest over 60 months as long as the car isn't actually 30 large (and as long as insurance doesn't work out to something like 8000 dollars yearly - and it totally could :( )

    So anyway I forgot my own question. Oh yeah... How much does everyone think the average 2005 GT will cost? Because I really really want one. A lot.
  2. If you look around there are already a few threads on the pricing of the new GT.

    One piece of advice.... Don't finance a car for 60 months. 5 years is a long time. If you do that you will most likely will always owe more money on the car than it is worth. If you can't pay for a car in three years is it probably can't afford it. Also, don't try and buy them when they first come out. Let the excitement settle down and you can then start looking for a good deal.

    Good luck!
  3. Just went to, and built the cheapest GT coupe I could option, with no options, but a decent set of standard equipment.

    Price $24,010
    That is not counting destination charges, etc. or rebates, which would lower the cost. I think you'll be right, and there will be little or no rebate for the mustang aside from possibly a first-time-buyer rebate of a couple hundred dollars. At least not at first, while people are chomping at the bit for that car.

    Don't be suprised to see the 05 Mustang GT base price $1000-1500 higher than 04. And that is if you can find a dealer that will take MSRP. If there is higher demand than supply, the cars could be going significantly higher than that.

    You should also take another closer look at the >$20,000 V8 Mustang base model thread in this forum. It is all conjecture, but there seems to be some substance to it. If you can afford 24k, that might put some options on a base model with a V8, as long as you can do without the GT bodywork.

    Do your research, find out what car and options you want before going to the dealer to deal, and what that costs, both retail and Dealer Invoice.
    Negotiate for the total price of the car, and how much you have previously decided to pay.
    DO NOT negotiate on the amount of the monthly payments (they'll get you on the interest in the end that way), and find a reputable dealer who won't really jerk you around by talking you into circles.
    Have financing ready from a bank or credit union, but see what the dealer can do, too.
    Once you have the price of the car, and the interest rate, you can compute payments, and figure out how much you are paying total for interest over the loan.

    Good luck. It will be well worth the work to figure it, and the work to earn the money.
  4. Right now its a buyers market on the current model. You should be able to get a 2004 or left over 2003 for way less than the 2005 Mustangs. Most people are going to wait on the new one. So the dealers are going to have a hard time moving the current year model. So if you want a new mustang. Its not going to get cheaper. Nows the time if you want it at the lowest price.

    Just my 2 cents worth