Stupid guy...

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  1. Okay here's the story :

    In the first week of january, I've "bump" the car of the guy who lives in front of my house.I've bump it on the left rear door and of course.. the little gay door of his '91 tercel decided to recess and I also touch his left fender, but it isn't too bad.. and today we've talked me and the guy.. I've said to him.. " I can do it and I won't charge you anything 'cause it were my fault and everything.."
    but the guy just said " NO! I want it done by a professionnal and blah blah's going to cost you 450$" so I've just affirmed that if I do the work by myself it would cost less than 100$.. but the guy still say no,no,no,no like a monkey.. and aww...

    I know that it is my fault... but it would cost me a lot of money for nothing and pissed off by this guy.. the only thing that I wanted to do right now it's to put sugar in his gas tank..:nonono: I hate this kind of problem.. especially when the other guy don't want to hear anything..
  2. Sorry to say this but i think he is in the right. I mean if I were him, I'd have the car done by a body shop. But $450 seems like a lot for a little car like that... have him do 3 quotes made by different shops. Accidents suck :(
  3. This is nothing, it were supposed to cost me 950$ the first time.. :) anyway.. his car is all rusted.. and he want to repair all his fender with the cash that i'm going to give to him.. anyway.. this is true.. accident suck.. :(
  4. Well, you're the one who hit him, so.....:shrug:
  5. Pay the $450 and make him sign something saying he can't come after you for more with a witness present. It is better then $950 and he won't be able to come after you for more. Just be glad he doesn't want more and park far away from him.
  6. Give him the number to your insurance company and have him go through ONLY them. Do NOT pay him in cash.
    Let him ask your insurance company for money. They usually don't come off it too easily.

    Thats what insurance is for.
  7. Yeah but then insurance rates go sky high if you have an accident in your fault. Even accidents not in your fault will increase insurance rates around here :rolleyes: Stupid insurance companies... I would get quotes from other places, and have all this signed on paper like mentionned...
  8. True.. our insurances sucks around here.. and if I pay I'm in cash I'm going to make him sign something that tells that the amount i've gave to him is a final amount and that he can't come back and ask me for more cash... I think it is the best thing to do right now..

    But it's cool.. my car have nothing.. except a broken rearlight and some "scratch" on the bumper .. hehe ( I love full frame cars!) :D
  9. I sure as hell hope you don't think your 2.3 is a full frame car, because unless you have full length subframes your not even close to a full frame car, actually VERY far from a full frame car.
  10. I would say this would be the best bet. This way they deal with him and not you, it already seems like he's a little on the shifty side to me and may come back for more money. I understand what your saying on fixing it your self and how you rather avoid higher insurance payments, but I would do this to avoid any futher leagel problems that he may come back with. Besides 450.00 maybe over priced.

    Good Luck
  11. awww ****.. you scrapped my dream.. you ...*)&(%?&... lol jk.. so i'm less ignorant that I was yesterday.. hehe

    And I FINALLY decided to go with the insurances.. hehe.. 'cause I've call my insurance company and the guy told me that my insurance won't be higher, 'cause I don't ask them to pay anything on my car or anything else, and he said that if the victim of my accident ask for money to his insurance company, HIS insurance is going to be higher.. not mine...

    The guy(we will call im bob.. hehe)So bob call me back tonight and said : " I don't want to call my insurance company because I don't want to get this report in my file.." So I've say :" Too bad, I've offer you many things sunday, you didn't want to hear anything.. so now this is your problem, I've call them, so call your insurance company...." just after that he tried to conviced me to not call them really... It didn't work.. so he get angry and start to scream in the phone so I've said.. good night Mr. and I've put the phone down. *End of the conversation*

    I think he won't love me too much since here...
  12. Why are you being a dick to the guy? I would be ashamed to hit someone else's car. Doesn't matter what a worthless POS the thing is; the fact of the matter is you damaged someone else's property and you should pay to have the damaged part PROFESSIONALLY returned to like new condition. You are right in saying it is up to either of you whether the incident gets reported, but it is just disgusting to think someone would get pissed off at the guy for being "too inflexible" after busting his stuff up. WTF guy.
  13. listen, the guy gets 6" of his fender slightly "pucked", and his door slightly "pucked" too.. If I where doing the thing by myself it would cost me 200$ maximum..

    And the guy have done a flase estimate, I'm not sure it will take 1 hour to mixed the painting. And take 15.7 hours to get that thing look like a new.. gets approx. 170$ of painting?

    ok the guy gets all his fenders rusted to death with holes in it...

    If I calculate right, I can get a new door for 100$ to the junkyard, plus 30$ of painting + 30$ of liquid metal for his fender.. and 40$ for the trouble = 200$
    So I don't ****ing care of what he's saying,I won't pay 450$ for he's freaking ****.. and I don't matter if I'm right or faulty in all that story,but with my job, I only got 60$/week so it is 8 week in the garbage.. I know it isn't his problem, but it is mine.

    And I've probably been a dick with this guy, except that ME I don't abuse of the situation to get more money that I should need for that work..

    sorry if I've been a little rude on that one.. but I'm so tired.. hehe

  14. I wonder if I'd put the following on my hood or something... "If you share the road with me, it means you have read and agree with the following agreement. In ANY case YOU will be held responsible for any colision made with my car or ANY colision from my car into yours" LOL

    BTW: I had a guy run into me (his fault), hit and run (done to me), and some windshields. My insurance rates went up and I had to change place because they would NOT insure my Mustang. I asked "why the hell would MY insurance go up? I have no faults here anywhrere?" They replied with "yes but you do have many claims"... Maybe if I would have paid everything with my money, it wouldn't have counted but in total they paid me over 10 grand worth in repairs so I guess we are even lol.
  15. $450 is not a hell of a lot; it cost $600 just to repair a SCRATCH I made when I accidentially scraped someone's car. It's not just to take the dent out, the part needs to be perfectly restored. They should not be forced to live with even the slightest evidence of the fact that someone else hit the car.

    edit: yes the parts are cheap but the majority of that cost is gonna be labor. Plus I would not trust anyone to do bodywork on my car unless it was a properly outfitted and reputable shop, especially if they could not be careful enough NOT to hit my car in the first place...:p
  16. I think he's is making more trouble for him self in the long run, by being a pain to this guy. After all he still has to live next to him :stick:
  17. Quit ****in', you hit his car so he has the right to get it fixed however he wants by whoever he wants and you have to pay for way around it.

  18. at least I haven't done a hit & run...
  19. Well it doesn't sound like he's having a much easier time getting money for it than I am
  20. sure... hehe but we have insurances company for that :) I know that I'm not totally fear with him.. but.. dunno I offered him many things.. out of the insurances.. and he didn't want to here anything... so **** off.. I haven't insisted call my insurance company and tell I'm to call his company..

    and that's it..