stupid newb stereo setup...

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  1. hey guys, i'm thinking about installing a decent boom boom system into my '88 stang. its got a pretty crappy stock system, very lame. infact, i went to install a headunit the other day, and turns out that the wires for the stereo harness are all dry rotted and cracked, they have bad connection to ad to that, it was sparking if i wiggled the cables..not too safe eh?

    Anyway, I was thinking about buying a cheep system to start off with ,something to juts give me a lil bass. at pepboys they have a duel 12" sub box with two subs, they hooked it up for me and they dident sound too bad at all, and the whole thing goes for 69.99. now all i would need is some wires and an amp right?? who cares if i got alot of weight in the back, i need it! the car sucks in the snow!!

    haha, thanks. mike

  2. Yes you'll definitly need an amp and some better wiring.. Find out how much the subs can handle and get an amp that will put out enough power to run them..(or a bit more power than they can handle)

    Do you plan on changing any of the components at all?
  3. Ugh.

    Don't do that. Go to a real stereo shop, and have them drop a couple entry-level subs into a pre-fab box. You can do it all for like $200, and you'll get infinitly better bass, and you'll have something that is upgradeable, and you won't hate after a year.

    Last I checked, the JL Audio W-0's were a really good value, not sure what their pricing is, but you can get a pair of 8's or 10's fairly cheap.

    Another option is to go with a bazooka bass tube. It includes the amp, is very light (not what you said you wanted, but you'll want light in the summer), and is easy to hook up.

    If you need weight, slap some bags of kitty litter in the trunk. Also, put some bridgestone blizzak's on the car. They are awesome for winter.
  4. I wouldn't do that either. Save your money for a much nicer system.
  5. The options are infinite.
  6. So I should go to my little experenced stereo shop in town? I've been to them for little stuff like fuses and what not and they just give me them, their really cool, maybe I should check them out when I got some extra cash, I just wanna upgrade my stock speakers, get two amps (i guess one for bass speakers and one for the 6 speakers?) Nothing drastic, just a nice upgrade with some clear sound and solid bass. Hell, I was happy with my stock '93 Premium sound...just needed some more bass :)
  7. If it's a store you know and trust, I say go for it :nice:
  8. Just changing out the stock speakers for ones that aren't paper is a tremendous upgrade. But of course, you must have good wiring first. Here's a pic of what i have in back of mine with premium sound, but with new speakers. A good shop will help you get what you want, just tell them what you want and what price point you can afford.