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Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by bluevenom867, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. Ok, let's quit all the name calling, alright?

    bluevenom, is this guy saying he put a 2.3 Turbo into his car for $200, or still has the n/a 2.3L. If he has a turbo, then he very well could have only spent $200 on the engine, they can be found sometimes even for free, and some made 190 hp stock. With just a couple mods they can easily get past 220 hp.

    However if he has an n/a then he is lying because it takes a few thousand to get an n/a to perform even half decently.
  2. Why didn't you just say that then?
    So do you delieve this idiot on the other site then?
    Because you were going along with it pretty well.
    And no Red LX he said it was N/A.
  3. Im sorry I though you were this other person, but you didn't say different.
  4. Ok well if he says it's n/a then he's lying, end of story.
  5. :doh: :rolleyes: Now I feel like an idiot :p .
    Your not as much of an ass as the other guy sorry I gave you so much crap.But do you believe this bastard, he say he made that N/A they his next post says he has a T03/T04 :confused: .Tell me if you believe him so I can go back to the other site and kick his E-ass.
  6. ok blue PM me the link where you talking with this person...
  7. nm I did a search and found it....

    ok this person he is aguing with on the other site says that he got his motor out of a tc.

    I dont see anywhere in there about him talking about his motor being NA.

    oh and i take it this is you?

    "From: Unknown0 | Posted: 12/4/2004 8:53:13 PM | Message Detail
    LOL you ARE stupid, aren't you?The 86-93 mustangs have fuel injection as you don't have to fabricat a uper intake.You lie when you said you built the car for under $200 dollars, no like liers.And your wrong about a 302 revving slower than your 2.3L.I got a 351 that revvs to 7000rpm in half a second.The 5.0 come with 9:1 compression FORGED pistons so you can run up to 15lbs with out breaking anything from a JYTT.And when I said 2500 I meant the price to upgrade tha trans and rear to take that power to.Don't shoot you mouth of when you don't know what your talking about, idiot.
    From: Unknown0 | Posted: 12/4/2004 9:00:16 PM | Message Detail

    SO, WHO'S THE IDIOT NOW,BICTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    now this guy also mentioned that he showed proof of the 2.3l/t motor and its capabilitys while you just ran at the mouth showing no proof to back up your clames.

    this is a moot subject, will some mod plz clost this topic its gotten out of hand.
  8. oh and i noticed something also with that post saying you asked about the 2.3 and it takes lots to make good and the time you posted on here is a lil off?

    so where did you get your info from saying the 2.3l/t takes lots to make good?
  9. Wow! bluevenom867 just got :owned: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  10. hahahahahahahahaha

    *dies laughing*

    I owned someone woohoo

    haha what a tool this blue person is.

    hay onesticker them rims that you got thoes are ****in looking rim...

    I wouldlike to get a set of thoes but that would kill my wallet...
  11. i just got dumber for reading this post

    :flag: thanks boys
  12. :rlaugh:

    Ok read his profile... at this moment his birthday is 7/13/89
    Occupation: No job
    Lets not forget that wonderful search option "find all posts from...."

    I took a few minutes and read through some of the posts. It cheered me up from my day at work.
  13. You know I have yet to come across one of you 2.3T guys in a race. I know it would be a good one. I've always loved those cars.

  14. To bad you live so far away! Just stop light raced an new gt (vert=heavy) with atleast a catback...beautiful car, sounded nice, just wasnt fast enough :nice:

    Btw, though i havent watched jerry imagine this thread to be much like a text version of the show. :p
  15. oh I looked at his posts them are funnie....what a waste of space...its ppl like him that makes stang owners look bad
  16. Is this guy talking about using a 2.3L but straping on a turbo to it for 200.00 ? Or making a 2.3L N/A into a power house for 200.00?

    Not to start a argument but I have actualy road around in a 2.3L that had a turbo slaped on it. The motor is in fact a complete Stock 2.3L DP with a oil return line drilled in the block. Now because of the high compression pistons in this motor he can only get it around 17psi of boost. The timing is the tricky part, there is some kind of tab on a DP block that you trim down or something like that. I promise I'm not making this up and the guy has done it more than once. His names Jaime N off of TurboFord.Org. This guy is VERY smart and he uses only J/Y. The reason he did it was to explore the possiblity of using these DPs since the turbo heads are starting to thin out. So with this is mind I can see how someone can make a 2.3 N/A into a 2.3T for 200.00 or a hair over.

    Before I get flamed hard on this...keep in mind this does not mean I think this guy is on the level. This person sounds kind of young and maybe a bit imature. My friend is twice my age and has been doing these 2.3L(T) probaly since thet've been on the road.

    Now do I think it's better than a 302...that all depends on what your goals are for? I mean if you want some kind of monster 400+hp with killer torque than I would probaly shoot for the 302/351 my self. But if you just want something around 200hp really cheap to mess around with I would think a 2.3T would be the way to go. Keep in mind any car can be made to go faster but depending on your base car the cost of power can add up real quick.
  17. Since this thread is is stupid, I will take this time to declare that I am officially going to stop building my engine spare Engine I think. I am debating on getting some cash together and buying a 2.3T that is already running and using some of my good parts to make it a better car.
  18. Ok enough with the name calling people :rolleyes:

    Anyways, Wasn't it the last years of the Fox GT that came with fordged pistons? I understood it to be the 91-93 GTs because of some internal issue Ford made the pistons fordged to last longer.

    Next, all 2.3Ts come with fordged pistons. I know of atleast a half Dozen people running right at 30psi on a stock long block 2.3T. I think MikeSVOR was running a hair over this but I can't remember. If you run a search he made have video of him out running that WSX FireBird at the tracks one day. This car was built using complete J/Y parts so it's not much to look at. Now last I heard he was finnaly going to paint it :nice:
  19. The guy hes saying is lying is not using a 2.3na motor hes using an 88tc motor.
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