stupid question about the vacuum lines on the RPM II upper


Oct 3, 2006
this is the dumbest question ever, but ive spent way to much time on this thing to hook something dumb up wrong and cause problems, i know a few of you are using the rpm 2 so maybe you can help me out.

im trying to rig up the vacuum lines on my RPM II, Edelbrock's instructions that came with the intake are useless and their techs arent much more help judging from past experiences ive had with them. here is a copy of their instructions, am i retarded or something or do they not mention the 2 3/8ths holes on the bottom of the upper plenum???

7. Apply a thin film of O2 sensor safe silicone to the plenum access
cover flange on the intake manifold. Carefully place the gasket onto
the flange, apply a thin film of silicone to the gasket, and carefully
set the cover plate onto the gasket. Apply thread locker to the eight
cover bolts and snug them down,starting at the center and working
your way out. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. The bolts only need to be

8. Install upper manifold and gasket (dry) using hardware supplied
(See Figure 1 and Fastener Location Chart Below). Upper
manifold must be positioned so that the throttle body is on the
passenger side of vehicle, not driver’s side. Do not overtighten
manifold base-to-manifold upper fasteners. Use a short box or open

9. To smooth the crossover,we have eliminated the stock vacuum tree.
Use the 3/8”NPT 90-degree elbow and 3/8”NPT to 3/16”hose
fitting in the rear facing 1/8”NPT boss on the crossover (next to the
EGR plate). Use the vacuum line supplied and “tee”to feed the fuel
pressure regulator and the MAP sensor from this source.

10. Remove original throttle valve/EGR plate studs from stock manifold
and install in new manifold. To re-install remaining components,
reverse removal procedure. Adjust all control cables. If automatic
transmission equipped using Edelbrock throttle body, refer to
throttle body instructions for transmission T.V. (throttle valve) cable
linkage adjustment. Fill cooling system with coolant. Connect
battery negative cable.

the stock lines under the stock intake hook up like this
View attachment 286029

the rpm 2 is set up like this, should i use the stock lines underneath? the plug in the stocker?
View attachment 286031

i think your supposed to put the 90* fitting and the hose fittings here
View attachment 286033

if anybody could tell me how it goes, how they did it, or even better, post pics, that would be awesome. thanks in advance.
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Nov 19, 2003
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When I first installed it (sold it before start up - for a ported Explorer) I installed a 90 underneith at the back for the PVC - I had to pull that bottom plate in order to install the 90. I also plugged the front holes. In the back of the upper there are two small holes and one large one. Used the large one for the brake booster, and the small ones for the little vacume connections.

Not sure if that helps, but I had also eliminated TAB/TAD and the Smog stuff.


Oct 3, 2006
makes sense, the only thing im wondering about is that the 90 degree fitting is a female NPT thread, which would not accommodate the vacuum hoses, thats what had me confused.

i was going to use the stock plug in the front bung of my stocker to block the front on the new intake, and then the 3/8ths straight hose and the smaller hose connectors on the back of the runner.


New Member
Nov 11, 2008

i pluged all holes under the intake and i used the big hole on the back of the intake for the pvc and the vacume junction on the fire wall that has the booster ect.[use that big screw in fitting with the two big vacume connections for this] then i used the one of the small holes on the back for the vacume for vents inside car and fuel pressure regulator used a vacume line t so i could use one line and i pluged the third hole on the back.It all works great.
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