stupid question

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  1. Kinda stupid question but is there any law against parking your car in the street with a car cover on?

    I live in California so Im sure it might be different from state to state, but maybe someone knows. The reason why I ask is, I think I finally found my project car (which I will post pics if I get it soon) but the house I live at is getting painted so they need the driveway clear of cars and the garage isnt usuable so all the cars have to be on the street. The car has been sitting for almost a year so not sure what it will take to get it started and right now its registered non op, I wont be able to get it registered until I get it running and smogged.So basically I need to keep it on the street for 7-10 days, then I'll have the driveway back to work on it.
  2. im not so sure about the car cover but i can tell you that if the car isnt registered and completely legal you cant park it on the road(im assuming non operational means you probably cant have it on the street... maybe try throwing a neighbor a few bucks to let you park it in there driveway...

  3. yeah you cant park a non registered car on the road...u need to get it in a driveway somehow
  4. get a temporary permit from the dmv, shouldn't be too hard
  5. Third time going back to look at the car and working out a deal.... Im the proud owner of my second 5.0! 1000 bucks. I will be picking it up hopefully tmrw sometime or friday cause its been sitting for almost a year, so I will just be towing it out of there. For sure will post pics as soon as I can. The seller had to take care of the dmv paper work after looking at the car the second time. Car was registered non op and the nice guy made sure all late fees or back fees were all paid up and he even paid for a temp pass thats good till August, so I can legally park it in the street.