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  1. Well the car cover has been on the Cobra clone for a couple of weeks. It has been hot as HE double toothpicks here. But I decided to take her out for a ride this evening ( cooler). :nice: I stop at the gas station , get some ," nice car " remarks and " what is it ?" :D Anyway I fill up and am off. I cruise around for awhile and start seeing some ricers, one goes by and revs his ninja motor at me, HA HA. What is up with that? Are these clowns so clueless that they think if they take moms civic, put a cold air kit,and muffler on it they have instant race car? I was watching Maguires car crazy the other nite and that clown was praising the tuner cars. These guys just bolt on body kits ,mufflers and crap and think they are great :notnice: Most of em take it to a shop ,they cannot even do it themselves.These imports are ruining the big 3. Sure , they may be built here, polute our air ,own our soil the factory is on ,BUT the profits still go to japan!!!!! I wish I could understand the thinking. I always thought engines were measured in cubic inches -not CC's :OT: Sorry I went off, but I just had to vent. I am afraid I will get into a situation where I have to tear up some ricer on the street to show them what time it is. It is either that or scrap out the mustang, get a hybrid car, wait for someone to come out with a BIG battery and have my own stupid little wannabe car :shrug: FAT CHANCE----someone PLEEEESE explain this to me.
  2. My daily driver eclipse gets great gas mileage. :)
  3. You DO realize that a lot of the content of "the big 3"'s cars is imported, right? Not to mention all the rebadged imports sold under domestic nameplates. There really isn't any such thing as an import or domestic car anymore, most are assembled from components manufactured all over the planet.

    Lastly, would you rather have American citizens building/selling/servicing/supplying parts for an "import" car, or sitting on their duffs collecting unemployment?
  4. The movie Fast & the Furious started a fad of fart can mufflers loud paint and silly body kits. Although there is still a big poser population of tuner cars out there, you can not ignore the core group of real car enthusists. I was the manager of a speed shop for a number of years and I watched the tuner craze from its birth. Many of the guys that started with a Civic CX with a muffler and an intake have graduated into import drag racers. About ten of my old customers hang out togeather and live and breath the import scene. These guys are true Hot Rodders. It is like the 50's all over again. Instead of a nice lite model "A" you get a nice lite Civic. Instead of pitching the 4 for a flat head you take out the 1.5l and swap in a junk yard imported J spec Integra type R engine. The guys scrounge the necassary parts from salvage yards and bolt togeather little rockets in their parents garage. These guys build their own cars. They drive them everyday year round. They drag race them at the import drags every week-end. I respect the true import enthusist. Don't paint them all with the same brush. There are a lot of posers in our car world too. I was at a cruise inn and one of the dude asked who built my car? Well I did! duhh. Well after talking to a bunch of guys to my surprise many cars at cruise inn are sign the check cars! I talked to one guy with a classic stang he was saying he was going to take his car to the mechanic to have the intake manifold swapped. "Why don't you do it yourself?" I asked confused. "to big of an undertaking for me to do" he said. Many people that have cool cars have others do their dirty work not just import guys! You know you don't even have to be a car guy/gal to own a Muscle car or A Tuner car!

    In some ways I agree with you. I think the ease of car finance has made a new generation of ignorant car guys.

    My Rant:

    I had a high school aged customer who worked part time at a factory. He got finacing to buy a new (at the time) Integra Type R. I am acctually glad that was not possible when I was his age. I wanted a Fox 5.0l Mustang when I was his age. If the bank had given me a loan, I may never have learned to work on cars at all!
    I had a $50.00 1976 Cougar XR7. It was a rusty turd!. I leaned how to do body work and saved up to have it painted. I blew up the engine, so I rented an engine hoist and took a crash course in engine changing. I blew up the transmisson, so I learned how to swap transmissions. The front-end was loose so I bought a manual and changed the ball joints and tie rods. The interior looked shabby so I swapped interiors out of a parts car. It was so heavy it kept on blowing up when I tried to race it, so I bought a II without an engine and so on and so on. If the bank had given me money for a new 5.0l I may have never learned anything! I may not have wasted money on the Cougar but owning that piece of crap was like going to total automotive restoration collage!
  5. :lol:

    Golly, car kept blowing up ...

    Had to be the weight of the car .....

    Every heavy car that has ever been 'raced' has always grenaded, had to be the weight.

    Yes Sir, Couldn't be the loose nut behind the wheel.

    Nope ...


  6. Even if the profit is sent overseasat, assuming no reinvestment, least the wage stays here. Well, untill you go to Wallmart.
  7. Yes , I do understand about content, badging and the likes. BUT, do you think this would have ever happened if Americans bought American? Had the public stayed true to the big 3 I do not feel as though they would have been forced to use "other " parts to compete.I feel Detroit is putting out some Awesome cars,plus new muscle. You have Mustangs-GTO's--Chargers?--all with some 300 or plus horsepower. With all this you can have the toyota type R.
  9. Some rice can be fast, if I take rice with any kind of onion sauce it will go from my mouth to my butt within a few seconds. :D

    Maybe they revv so you can show them what a V8 sounds like :)
  10. If you havent seen "American Rice" you probably don't know how to look for it.

    Or maybe just because it's an 'American' car you don't see the rice in it.

    You've never seen a Escalade with 24" rims?

    :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :lol:
    If that isn't rice .... [​IMG]

    There's a guy I see around here with a Olds (?) that looks to be wearing 22" rims.

    You've never seen an 'American' car with spinners?

    One of the well known actions of the Ricie Ricers is to rebadge their car, Right? Have you never seen a Mustang covered in aftermarker parts stickers where few if any of those parts installed? Is there really any difference between Ricey Rice and this joker?

    You've never seen a Harly with ape hangers or 1 1/2 bars with pipes running all the way to the top?

    Oh Yeah, American Rice is everywhere.

    I would be carefull about slinging mud at the BOBs, the Bolt on Boys. Isn't a whole lot you see that would be done to any vehicle, domestic or import, that could have been done if BOB couldn't just buy the 'custom' parts and slap them on.

    Just how 'custom' can anything be if it's mass produced?

    I call it the Harly Davidson factor because this is where I first saw the phenomena (I didn't hang with Chevy people). Numerous people buying the same type of parts from the same manufacturers and bolting them on hteir bikes. Nothing wrong with that, not really. Hell, plenty (but not near all) of these parts could be built no place but a factory.

    No, what really gets me about BOBs is the way they bolt on a part then puff out their chest as though they actually cast or cut or machined the part then tig'ed the thing together, smoothed the welds to make it look as though it grew that way, then applied the protective coating.

    All they did was an R&R which any shop ape can do.


  11. I had dysentery once, not a pleasent experience.

    About revving a 8? I use to do that just to set off car alarms. A couple of times the owners came running to see what I did to their car(s). No, Kid, I was just cleaning the pipes before shutting her down, don't believe me do ya.? Wanna see?? Now, go away.
  12. It's a huge difference right there between the 5.0 crowd and the II gang. Actual tech information on the 5.0's is arcane; the majority of the discussions on the "5.0 tech" part of this board seem to concern bolt-ons, latest vs. greatest, and "having it done" to your car. Notice those last words -- "having it done" vs. DOING IT. I hear these words -- "getting (whatever) done to my car" -- again and again when one of my contemporaries wants to talk cars.

    The DIY mentality is fading quickly from my generation; what's emerging is a slack-bellied swagger born of Confidence Camp, also-ran trophies, and parents who throw money at you instead of paying actual attention. But I digress.

    I know a guy -- one guy -- who went to an automotive tech school and works on a sprint car team. He has welded two Honda V6's together into a V12 and stuffed it into his little ricer. It is ridiculously fast. While these kinds of wizards are out there, they're rarer than the unicorn in my experience. At least, you don't find them zipping around near universities in major cities, which is where I live.

    About a month ago, my wife was telling one of her friends at work about how I blew up the car and was building a new motor from scratch, and one of the guys challenged her to a race when I get it together. He drives a cheezed-out Infiniti; 18" spinners, twin fart cans, NOS, the works.

    She said, "We don't have to race. I'll give you five bucks right now if you can tell us in 30 seconds or less how the gasoline makes the wheels turn."

    He couldn't.
  13. [

    About a month ago, my wife was telling one of her friends at work about how I blew up the car and was building a new motor from scratch, and one of the guys challenged her to a race when I get it together. He drives a cheezed-out Infiniti; 18" spinners, twin fart cans, NOS, the works.

    She said, "We don't have to race. I'll give you five bucks right now if you can tell us in 30 seconds or less how the gasoline makes the wheels turn."

    He couldn't.[/QUOTE]

    Aye! That there woman is keeper fer sure! :nice:
  14. :fuss: Do not get me wrong. I too bolt on go fast goodies ( like Edelbrock manifolds) but they are made in the U.S. !!And it is funny some of you bring up Harleys and bolt ons. I remember a time when Harley Davidsons were in the crapper.( remember?) The government( like with dodge) bailed them out.Not by loaning them money but by putting bigger tarriffs on the Japanese bikes. Now, today, If toyota got into trouble(since they are built here) do you think the government( which American dollars go into) would help them out?? Bolt on body kits and the like are what I am talking about. Is that custom??? Take a good look at the front of my car, then go try to find a part that comes close.!!If this is the way things are headed then I will trade my F-150 on a Titan, and my wife's Lincoln LS on a Camry!And don't forget the eclipse for a daily driver.
  15. :puke:
  16. Watch out for inferior ( cheap ) intakes from Japan. Where R&D stands for recieve and duplicate. It is nothing short of a fraud.!!!!!!!
  17. You mean, had the big 3 stayed true to the car-buying public, don't you? We got tired of buying junk at ever-escalating prices. The Japanese car lines gave the people what they wanted, better build quality at a better price. The quality of today's "domestic" makes is a direct result of having to play catch-up 20 years ago. I'm not a Honda fan, but if you work with late-model cars everyday, you come to appreciate the differences between Hondas and Toyotas and Gm/Ford/Daimler-Chrysler built cars. I'll probably never buy one for myself, because I like the feel of domestic iron, but the difference is there, and it's a tradeoff I'm willing to accept because of personal taste.

    BTW, the GTO is based on an "import" from Oz.
  18. I agree. I was thinking about buying a new car about a month ago. I decided to wait until I am more financially established, but I test drove several new cars. A 2005 dodge neon sxt with all the bells and whistles, a Saturn car don't remember what type, and a Honda civic base model with no options. The Civic was actually cheaper then the Neon with all of its options but I loved the Civic, the quality of the interior, the ride feel, the way it drove. The civic was a far nice, far better car. Oh and not to mention the Saturn that car was just crap. :rolleyes: So as far as econo boxes go, the imports take the cake.
  19. Hey, I like my Saturn! :D

    My daily driver is a Saturn SC2 coupe. 30 mpg, 5-speed, dent-resistant panels, black on black, leather, A/C, sunroof, 205/40's on 17" wheels (came with the car, I swear!), air bags EVERYWHERE, easy maintenance, the 3rd door for cargo, and I love the lines -- like a new Camaro that got shrunk in the dryer. My only gripe is that it rattles a lot, annoying little rattles in the dash, a squeak in the seat over bumps, etc.

    And best of all, I'll have it paid off this month. :spot:

    Not my ride, but it's this, with bigger 5-spoke wheels:

  20. :OT:

    don't get me started on the POS that is my DD Saturn SL1. Blew the head gasket at 85,000 2 months after I made the last payment. I hate working on the pos as there is less room under the hood than there is in a II with the V8's. Guy I took it to (freind of my old man) did the head gasket, sent the Head out to get magnafluxed and the machining done, get it al back together and still mixing oil/antifreeze- so this weekend I am making my first foray into swapping motors in a FWD POS :fuss: :fuss: :fuss: If it was an auto you can get the motor out without pulling the tranny , but not the 5 speed....OH what fun this is gonna be...