stupid rice burners

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  1. Yep, the 6.0 Powerstrokes rock. My 05 E350 van runs 13.9s with just a tune, and nothing else :D.

  2. Dude, 13.6 in a sportscar is not a sleeper.

  3. You've confused Muscle Cars and Pony Cars.

    Galaxies and Fairlanes and GTOs and such were the '60s muscle cars. In short, Muscle cars are over powered family sedans and grocery getters.

    The Mustang, Camaro, FireBird, Baracuda (gag) etc. were Pony Cars. Guess where that size of car got it's name.

  4. Most definately can be.

    A Sleeper is nothing but a vehicle whose looks doesn't let on to it's go like hell ability.

    Like I said in this or another thread, get the 'go fast from the factory beast' and remove all badges and graphics that mark it as that models go fast ride. It's now a sleeper. Now upgrade the go fast abilities without making it aparent without looking in or under the car and you have more of a sleeper.

    Except for exhaust note and tire width you can't tell a successful sleeper without 1) Racing or 2) inspecting.

    Just trying to get everyone on the same page.
  5. Nothing screams sleeper and kicks you in the nuts more than being shredded off a stoplight by a massive crew cab longbed 4x4 pickup truck.
    The guys I beat would just stare up in awe as the vehicle passing them eclipsed the sun.
    Fast trucks kick ass.

  6. I gauge the humiliation factor to be high for launching off a light in a "fast" japper car, winding the piss out of all 50 cubic inches and suddenly being passed casually by a guy in a big white van. Especially if the guy doing the passing is involved in a conversation with a girl in the passenger seat, and isnt even racing.. haha
    Ricers crack me up, dude.
  7. Sleeper I ain't. :spot:

    So much so, that ricers won't even rev at me. They just throw me a thumbs-up (or whatever the faux gang-sign is for their cul-de-sac), and motion for me to burn one.

    There has been one exception, a guy in a red Neon with white Cobra stripes. I had time to change the radio station at the next light before he was beside me again.

    The one I loved, though, was on a nice afternoon a few months ago, a Honda with so many ground effects and lights that looked like it had been launched from a UFO pulled up next to me at a light -- he must've seen the rear of the car and not the front, though, because he was staring with eyes like fried eggs at the carbs and the Hilborn gleaming in the sun.

    I heard his girlfriend/passenger say to him, "Well? I'm watching."

    I'm sure he saw the 'Stang and told her, "Watch this. . ."
  8. Wart, I got a question for ya.
    Why aren't you out building a custom car instead of the II? Other then love of the IIs, you seem like you would like the total build. I buddy of mine wants to build a Locost Type 7 replica. And we're not talking ordering parts and assembling it or buying one from Caterham. We're talking building a frame, body, etc. You get to research the parts that would work best and build a one-off car.
    Hell, even if you get a hold of the blueprints for the car you have to change them because the original designer was 5'3" and 130lbs.

    And for the rest of you: Datsun 510
  9. I am going to try to build a sleeper. (My Ghia was almost a sleeper). I have trouble with restraint though :D I am going to shoe-horn a 200 hp J spec MX6 2.5l into my 93 Mazda 323. People with similar set-up's are running high 12's low 13's. The quickness is based on extreme power to weight ratio. I figure you could daily drive it year-round, and not have to worry about having an armed guard when you park it at the mall. With my "colorfull" driving record it could be just the ticket to flying under the radar :shrug: My "X" does not want my son to ride in the Mustang because it has a roll cage, nitrous, no back seat ect. The high hp 323 would be a perfect stealth family ride :shrug: I may get a 180hp Probe GT/MX6 engine though because it will run on horse piss and I could put a hidden nitrous set-up in to more then make up for the 20hp differance :D

  10. Brian?
  11. I find it hilarious when ricers think my car weighs like 4,000lbs sight unseen because its a mustang. And they think mustangs are heavy? lol Actually mustangs were always the lighter of the v8 muscle cars werent they? Even the newer ones are lighter then their competitors.
  12. It's even more hilarious when they bring their ricers to my shop so I can weld/modify something, and I tell them flatout that I charge extra for working on that junk, and they go ahead and pay me anyway. haha
    While I had a civic over here, I weighed it on my scale, it was a little over 2600 pounds, so when the guy returned, I informed him that my 5.4L II weighs 250 pounds less than his .1 liter honda. I called his car a lead sled, which kinda pissed him off. Heartbreaking, really.
    The best ricers are the ones who say things like, "your pushrod V8 is old technology, dude, a mere stepping stone in automotive development." Then I show him plan sheets of the "old" 1960's 427 overhead cam motor. Hey, look, even overhead cams are old technology, holy crap, we're screwed!

    edit: Heh, I mentioned the deity without a pic.. oops.
    427 SOHC "cammer"
  13. Wow that thing is scarey hehe
  14. Ever wonder where NASCARs pushrod rule came from?

    Developed for Stock Car racing, outlawed before it's first race.

    I feel this is one instance where Bill France catering to Bow Tie actually inhibited technology found in production cars.

    Been 40 years, still pisses me off.
  15. Yeah, I've seen out of box horse power figures ranging from a low of 650 to highs of 8~850. Or was it 900? The most commonly quoted figures were 700 ~ 750.

    Now imagine the figures after the Wood brothers getting their hands on a batch and figuring them out ....
  16. NASCAR outlawed the Ford 302 block, also.

  17. Why was that?

    I figured they outlawed the Cammer because it would have taken everyone else, especially the Bow Tie boys, way longer than a season to catch up.
  18. 302 Boss??
  19. Had some rice for dinner last night

    On my way home from a car show last night, I stopped at a light and this "kid" stopped next to me and raced his rice burner engine. (Hhonda I think) I laughed so hard I almost tossed my cookies. My 12 year old son looked at me and said dad comon, he cant be serious and laughed as well. Well the light turned green and I let him get about 4 car lenghts in front of me, then guess what? I hit it and completely smoked the tires and as I was passing him about 60 mph (with the tires still squeeling), It sounded like his little blender was going to explode!

    What a Joke!

    But man it was fun.
  20. I love showing up rice, but gee's its really not worth it to get a ticket and lose your lisence for street racing. :(