stupid rice burners

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  1. Or at least try to keep the wheel spin to a minimum and the speed within the legal limit. It's how fast you can get to the speed limit that matters. :)

  2. LOL this sounds like me. I have a 99 Tahoe ... it's pretty fast actually.

    I smoked a Corvette the other day... okay, well maybe he didn't realize we were racing... :D

  3. Unfortunately you can still be hit with a 'display of power' ticket.
  4. On a related note; I wonder if they'll start giving out similar "display of power" tickets for working out heavily and wearing sleeveless T-shirts in public.
  5. There is a time and a place. The time is test & tune durring an import event, the place is the drag strip. :rlaugh:

    When I worked at the speed shop I went to watch my customers race their imports.
    They asked me what I thought? "I figured they would be quicker" I said. "If your Mustang was here it would get spanked" They said. "Hell, my Lincoln is quicker then most of your cars" I said. So I paid my thirty bucks and put my money where my mouth was. Sadly the near stock Mark VII's high 15 second quarter's beat 98% of their "race cars". :rlaugh: The same group of guys (five years later) actually have some really quick imports. The Mach may not even be enough. I will let you know in the spring.

  6. Depends if she has a hairy back.
  7. Here they'll get you with "Noisy Operation of Motor Vehicle". That's what you get if you squeal your tires. This I found out in my earlier years of driving.

  8. Best reason to run DOT slicks. :nice:
  9. my buddy got an "excessive display of horsepower" ticket, he had is framed and it is on the wall in his game room
  10. In Canada Squeeling tires = "excessive noise violation" or "exibition of speed" I have had a few of each. Wow the more I think about it, I must have been a bad ass :D

    Now I put my son to bed at eight-o- clock crack open a lite beer and argue with some dude from Ohio on the internet :rolleyes:

  11. Tombstone, Az.

    My buddy nailed his bike leaving the stop sign, I wasn't going to let him get away so I hammered mine ... right to the speed limit.

    Sherriff pulled us over, was going to hit us each with one of those tickets, didn't because we were in the Military.

    I suspect he really wanted to make us ... uncomfortable ... for smoking that doobie in the rib house. Worked, we got out of town. Stopped by the oasis in Benson ont he way to Tucson and got tuned up.

    At that time I guess much really hadn't changed between the 18th and 19th century.

  12. What also cracks me up about most of the import crowd is their statements about the "high RPM ability" of their small motors. Bah.

    With the Coates rotary valve heads, a specially prepared Ford 302 has been tested at upwards of 15,000 RPM.

    Cool stuff.
  13. oookay

    :OT: umm all i get out of this get my point.Ricers are cool looking cars with a weird name dont you think :shrug: plus my damn mom and her mustang she wont even let me drive it but she dont know that i stole it last night:rlaugh: but it is all just a little game i mean she drives my honda all of the freakin time cause she dont want to get hers dirty!!!:fuss: plus she hit the door of another car with mine and wont pay for it 'cause she has to get her car washed and waxed!!!! we'll thats all for now!


  14. No
  15. I always thought japanese imports looked gay.
  16. It's heart (LS1) is 100% American!
  17. Well pretty much any "ricer" who is willing to take it to the track or a test and tune event generally has a pretty quick car. The dumb kids with stock civic's with wings and fart cans generally have never been to a track and think being a stoplight to stoplight warrior is a cool thing.
  18. I second that--- I went up the street to get a gas bottle filled sat. nite. A primered flat black honda complete with fart can pulls out. He gets all squirrelly (steering wheel pulling bak and forth) as he tries to peel out. With a plume of smoke and revs in the ozone it POPS as he passes me going the opposite way. I thought I was going to fall out of my truck laughing at this clown. Where do they come from??