stupid rice burners

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  1. Men are from Mars, import tuners are from Venus.
  2. Kermits a rice head.

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  3. .

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  4. And his girlfriend's a pig.
  5. HAHA!! Where do I sign up for that cool mag, yo?

  7. Oh it gets better...
    They have a tuning book and also a special award!!:D

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  8. This just keeps getting better & better:nice:
  9. :nice: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  10. [​IMG]

    This guy looks like my last boss.
  11. [​IMG]

    Hamsters on Meth?
  12. Burnt_Rice.jpg

    Rice Crispies.

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  13. I will give it to the ricers on one thing. NOPI TV. I watch it on wed. nites on the speed channel. But i do not watch it for the cars, I like the bikini contest, burnout contest,and all the T&A they show:banana:
  14. :stupid: TThey do tend to show quite a bit of the beloved T&A
  15. I was at my local speed shop yesterday picking up some gaskets. He confirmed to me what I had expected. These ricegeeks come into his place,want to buy N.O.S. and want it installed. Cannot do anything themselves. BUT, he also said u do not see as much of them anymore. And to be honest,alot of the little tuner shops have closed up around here. Maybe a fad? I just wish I was one of the people out there milking these kids mommies & daddies credit cards for $300.00 plus dollar stainless Fart cans.
  16. I was out and about last night. Gettin pretty cold around here without a heater!! Anyway I was gettin some gas. Getting ready to pull out and a ricer revs at me. I laugh at him loudly and pull out behind him. I did not tailgate , but I jumped on her a couple of times to let him know what he was up against. Guess what, no contest, instead the ricer led me into middlesex where the ricers have been racing and the police presence is always at a maximum. Since I have had trouble there in the past I blinked my lights and turned around at Mickey D's. He kept going. MAN, I can't wait to get my 347 stroker in, and go rice hunting again.
  17. RICEGEEKS! haha