Stupid speed limiter

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by nhra427, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Racing my friend down the freeway last nite me in my 99 him in his 02 gt my car puter limits me at 123 he was doing 145 and still pulling. Hate the limiter. Have to get that dam thing off there :damnit:
  2. Let me have a 99 that originally came with 16" wheels and H-rated tires???
  3. i was racing one of those hard top benzes once (I couldn't tell what model as it was night) and we were even until I hit the limiter... and bye bye he went
    i didn't want to race but my roomate was like GO GO GO

    the worst thing about the limiter is that when i got dyno'd, i got speed limited :doh:
  4. yep mine came with 16" tires. sucks. guess ill have to get a chip to make more power and raise the limiter way up
  5. why... there is no reason to race that fast...
  6. Agreed! This is just stupid. It's a shame they allow threads like this. :nonono:
  7. why buy a mustang? there's no reason to have 8 cylinders...
  8. to go faster than 125 mph i guess
  9. If you can do 145 in the 1/4 you got something to brag about. Doing 145 on a public freeway is stupid.
  10. AGREED! 120+ is suicide but the bullitt does not have it 140+ & no limiter!
  11. We were on a stretch of road with no traffic just wanted to see where the limiter was set.
  12. nice vid. haven't seen that one.
  13. So you're telling us that you could see 5 miles+ up the road and there was no other cars or the possibility of any other car (or animal for that matter) coming out into your path? Do you have any idea what would happen if you ran over something or had a blowout at that speed? Do you realize that at 150 MPH, you would cover 5 miles in two minutes?
    Sorry, but you're not gonna convince me or a couple others of us here that this was safe at all. :notnice: :nonono:
    So true, bro! :nice:
  14. only 1999 and 2000 GT's with stock 16" rims had limiters. don't feel too special :)
  15. Yeah, but 119 MPH is totally safe. :rolleyes:

  16. i think you can cover alot more than 5 miles in 2 minutes @ 150

    but driving 150 is unsafe :notnice:
  17. 150(MPH) / 60(Min per hour) X 2 (min) = 5(miles)
    (BUT, if the car is cart wheeling, flipping end over end or sliding on it's roof, the actual distance will be much less.) :D
    Yep, 150 MPH is unsafe and just plain stupid. :notnice: :nonono:
  18. your reply contains NO TECH response to his question.

    please keep it tech... he asked about a speed limiter not how much he fsked up