Stupid speed limiter

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  1. Contact KenB at He can set you up with an SCT tuned chip to remove the limiter as well as pick up a few ponies.
  2. From an experience :D ?
  3. I wish it was a bunch of :bs: , believe me. But man I cant believe how nieve (sp?) some of you are. You think we live in a world where the law and its enforcers are perfect. I have talked to several people who were in key positions in local towns and others who were in raids on drug dealers... you have no idea what what your talkin about. And I know that small infractions of the law are not really comparable to flying down the highway at 120+, I was just trying to show you guys that just because you dont strret race, doesnt make you a better law abider, EVERYONE breaks the law so please dont make it sound like you guys are better than those who do street race...I am sure you have done some pretty stupid things.
  4. The important part is be safe, theirs a paved 6 mile oil access road where i live and we have permission to race on it since we know the manager, my brother has a 04 6.0 powerstroke dually that has injectors chip, pipes, propane and aftermarket turbo and he raced a 99 GT on it and just whiped him into submission, my point is that different cars have different performance areas, acceleration, top speed, and so on, so to have it and just not use it you might as well sell your fast ride and get a kia, any racing is dangerous, look at the drag strip and theirs even accidents their, as long as people are safe, kill themselves and not innocent bystanders HAVE FUN!! Just make sure you have spotters ahead for cars, cops, and kritters.
  5. What are you talking about? "I have talked to several people who were in key positions in local towns and others who were in raids on drug dealers... you have no idea what what your talkin about." You left out the juicy part in the middle?!?! :rolleyes:
    Look, you seem to paint the world, or at least our country, or maybe just your town, as a corruption filled government. While I won't deny that there is bound to be some corruption in every form of government, I'd like to believe in the good of mankind, in the belief that we were all created equal, and that no one stands above the law. Just because a few don't follow that same thinking, doesn't mean that we are all bad. The police don't like drug dealers, the police don't like street racing. If you REALLY feel this way, well, then, I feel sorry for you. It's your brain that is corrupt with this nonsense.
  6. Racing is not safe no matter where it is but for those that equate the danger factor on the track to the same as racing on the street you are freaking morons. Sure its dangerous at the track but the last time I was there I didnt have someone walk or pull out infront of me. Also if you crash at the track it takes about 15 seconds for emergency crews to get to you.

    BTW add up the fines then figure out how much it would be to race at a track for a year. You will be suprised.
  7. Whatever you say chief. :rolleyes: There is no point arguing over the internet anyways, I could be talking to a 12 year old kid for all I know. Anyways this is supposed to be mods I say :lock: this before it gets out of hand and turns into a flame war. Anyways sorry we dissagree. And BTW I am NOT for pre planned street racing, but the random races I just cant pass up sometimes, and can understand why people do it.
  8. Well, just keep this in mind next time you street race. Suppose it's just you and some kid in the other lane, late at night on a deserted highway. He loses control, hits a tree, and kills himself. How are you going to feel, even if it wasn't your fault. Oh, by the way, if they catch you, you can be charged with murder. Think it doesn't happen, think again. It's just not worth it.
  9. Agreed Jim! Right here in lil ol' Palm Harbor, FL, just over a month ago, there was a street race that left a driver that 'got in the way' in a coma (that he will likely not come out of)...and they are still hunting for the other car involved in the race that left the scene. It does happen.
    FHP sifts through tips, has suspect in accident

    HotMustang331, you say you sometimes cannot pass up random street races. Well, you really need to be able to have some self control when the kid next to at the light is 'pushing your buttons'. It's part of growing up and being a responsible adult.
  10. I just cant help it. :shrug: LOL.Im only 18, I am not supposed to grow up yet. :D
  11. no one is ever going to agree on this, but stupid, closeminded idiots, arent going to make it better. what the hell does it matter if your car does a 30 second 1/4mile or or a 5second....the fun is in pushing your car you prick. i would locve to have a track to go to and get the speed out of my system, but there isnt one. the government has the power to shut down tracks, they should build new ones. no one cares tho. because of people like you who rather ignore the problem and lock posts and pretend it doesnt happen, than deal with the reality. so i fully support street racing. maybe when kids start killing themselves people like you will see what a problem it is.
    Let me ask you something....your icon is a funny you race your mustang AT ALL?
  12. This is proof that you cannot educate the willingly ignorant.
  13. The new winner and champion - the most idiotic post in this thread. Thanks to all who participated.
    Since there is no nearby track, you feel this gives you the right to street race? :bs:
    The government doesn't shut down race tracks, nor should it be involved in building race tracks. :bs:

    So you think the solution is to have kids kill themselves or some responsible adults to have your 'needs' addressed? :bs:
  14. That is the dumbest thing I have heard, you support street racing? You're a moron. Government shutting down tracks? Yea there's a real conspiracy behind that. Why don't you kill yourself in a street race, after all that could only help people to see what a problem it is.

    :lock: :lock: :lock:
  15. Anything over 60 MPH you are just aiming the car, not driving it. Tell me you can avoid an object jumping in front of you at 70. You can't so anything above 60 you are up the creek. To be safe never drive above 60. :rolleyes:

    I'm not here say you should or shouldn't drive that fast but I didn't buy my car to never go above 70. It's up to the individual to determine how safe/unsafe a situation is. Just use good judgement.

    As far as the rev limiter I think you can have the computer flashed to get rid of it or for sure chip it.
  16. Man those guys on that video are just plain stupid to be racing on crowded freeways

    If you want to race your car find an empty stretch of highway or deserted road to do it on. That way your only endangering yourself not other. I'll say it again those guys were morons.

    Alot of people don't think of the consequences when doing stuff like that until it's too late.

    I'm not saying I don't have fun with my Mach, I've have it over 100+mph numerous times, but I'm in Germany were the speeds are higher and your getting passed by station wagons at 105 mph. Once I get back to the States I'll be doing close to the posted speed limit and saving the racing for the track.

    When I'm doing my higher speed runs. I always make sure there is no traffic and no posted speed limit on that part of the autobahn when I do it.

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  17. dont talk unless you know what you are talking about. the in town hall desided to put all these noise restrictions on the track because of all the old people (i see many are in this thread) were ****ing. so the owner got to the point that he couldnt run midnight races, he couldnt do events (which is where most of the money comes in) and test and tune all weekend. he wasnt making any he sold the track. and then he wanted to buy an abandoned airport to build the track on it, and the town refused to let him do yeah *******, the town shut down our track.
    and as the killing myself in a streetrace.....thats the risk you take. If i feel that i dont know the road, or i dont like the conditions, or that i am putting myself or anyone else in danger then i wont i said about a million time, for those of you who only read what they wanna see....WE TRY TO KEEP IT AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE, GIVEN THE ENVIRONMENT!
    I mean ****, all you guys who dont race on the street pleeeeze, answer my question, do you race at all??
    im sure most of you do, on a track. and what would you do if all the sudden there was no track? you would do 60 for the rest of your life? :bs:
    and for all of you that say you dont get going fast, your either a hypocrite or a lier, why then did you buy a mustang? a kia can do 60 too.
  18. this is exactly what a good post looks like. he doesnt agree, but doesnt flame anyone else for thinking that way. but most ppl here arent like that, stanget sux for some issues, there are too many pigheaded old people who refuse to see other people's way of looking at things. im not asking you to agree with me. im just asking you to place yourself in my situation. I wanna go fast, i was used to doing it legaly and safely, and now it was taken away, all wise men, what should i do?? You guys cant deal with not agreeing with you, and when someone else tries to share a diff, point of view you all take it personally and get offended and shut the thread. grow up...this is what forums are for, you ask a question, someone gives their input, and someone else disagrees or agrees. you guys are so closeminded! :damnit:
  19. Man your Avator is freaking me out :rlaugh: