Style Bar Or No Style Bar?

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  1. That is the question.

    I have a style bar on my 89 GT Vert and I've grown to like and dislike it. I like the looks of convertibles without style bars but then again it's something I don't normally see and makes me appreciate the style bar better. It also seems to get in the way of my rear view mirror when the top is down and when I have the occasional passenger they hit their head on it.

    I am 50/50 on this decision to get rid of it with some new interior 1/4 panels that do not have the holes for the style bar. I could remove it and it look stock and if I kept it I would have to modify my new (used) 1/4 panels.

    I know that it is my car and I should do what looks good to me but I would like to know everyone's opinions. Yay or Nay? I can't get any pictures up until tomorrow morning though.

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  2. If it does not help in a rollover get rid of it
  3. I'm assuming the 2 bolts on both sides do not help in a roll over?
  4. It's strictly a show bar. I had one in my 87 vert and liked it.



  5. Personally I don't think I'd put one on my Vert.
  6. beautiful car @mikestang63

    since youve had it on why dont you put together and drive it a bit without, then decide.... cant go back once you hack the panels...
  7. Thanks..Regretfully, I had to sell it about 12 years ago. Got back into the scene 2 years ago with a 90 vert in my sig.

    The only downside of those light bars is you have to drill holes in the rear inside 1/4 panels. If you do install one, I would recommend you fab up some additional brackets to hold it to the inside of the car, as sthe little brackets they include are flimsy.
  8. My style bar doesn't attach the to 1/4 panels. It has 2 bolts each on both sides attaching it to the car. I'll take it out when I get home from work and take a small cruise and see how I like it. The 1/4 panels are out right now so it wouldn't be a hassle.

    Nice car BTW, loved it. The only thing I would change is the headlights. 3 Piece smoked would look a ton better.
  9. thanks. I really miss that car. Had the chance to buy it back last year- some guy bought it on Ebay for $7000 and I tracked him down 2 weeks after he bought it, offered him $9k and he wanted $16k. What a douche.

    Here's some more pics. I polished everything under the hood myself.