sub $20k V8 rumor strikes again

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  1. Back from the dead. ;) I'd still like to believe it's going to happen. Time will tell.
  2. With a statement like that how can you doubt the rumor now. Its virtually a given right from Ford reps.
  3. If they were to come out with a 3V 300 bhp $20k V8 model, I'd buy. I really want the fogs though, so I'd try to get that added on somehow, or I'd do it myself. If the base V8 is a GT starting at $26k, I think I'll wait for the special edition.

    I don't get worked up over rumors any more, we'll see it when we see it. I just wish Ford would bring one to the northwest so I wouldn't have to wait until Fall just to see it in person.

  4. Now *that* was a useful post :nice:.

  5. some guys on brad's forum seemed to have some good ideas... use this "LX" to clear out the 260 hp 2v V8s for under 20k, then the next year upgrade it to the 3v, perhaps slightly detuned but in such a way that hardcore enthusiasts could easily adjust it back (timing adjustments, etc). To keep it under 20k it would have zero options except transmission... even that might have to be a manual. With leftover 2vs and the volume of 3vs being produced in the upcoming years, it could stay under 20k...

    I am forgetting, did the Fox LXs have the exact same V8 as the GTs or did Ford rate it slightly lower?

    The Mustang GT guys probably wouldn't complain because they'd actually get to ride in some comfort, which... being that the average GT buyer is a middle age male with plenty of money... is a necessity to many/most of the GT buyers anyway. So it might not cut into GT sales as much as you'd think.

    That said, I still doubt its happening.
  6. It would be nice to have a base GT for under $20,000. Maybe the rumor is NOT a rumor after all.
  7. at the Chicago auto show the ford lady by the new mustang said it would be about 26-27k
  8. ron there will not be a GT under 20k. There may be an LX-type car, with a V8 in a V6 body under 20k. But we know the GT will start at a little above 25k.
  9. When the rebates start coming out after 1 year from the production dates you will be able to buy one for around $23,000 to $24,000. The $26,000-$27,000 price range is high. These cars will sell for much less than that when they become abundant on the dealer lots.
  10. I hate those fog lights all the lil extras are what I dont like about the car. In my opinion take the fog lights off and take the wing off change the grill and its a good looking car. If they make a 300hp 3v v8 with no wing no lights. I will trade my car in immediately. So I would deffenitely want the "LX" over the gt.
  11. What type of car do you drive now blubullitt?

    What year is your current car and how many miles do you have on it? Did you buy it brand new? How long have you had it? If you bought it used how many miles was on it when you got it? Just curious.
  12. If I remember correctly the motors were the same. Differences were outside mainly, body kit, wheels etc.
  13. They didn't have the ground effects on the body. They looked plain. You couldn't tell them apart from the 4 and 6 cylinder Mustang.
  14. If a LX does exist maybe some current Mustang owners have hope. Those who are somewhat locked into their current car could possibly afford this type of car at the same time. Not saying that most would do this if the LX existed. But an option for some.
  15. I was talking about the main differences between the GT and LX.
  16. Well right now I have well a blue bullitt with some mods. Yes I bought it new had it maybe 2 years. Are there any photochops of the car without wing and without lights?
  17. I know you were. I've seen some of the V8 LX Mustangs on the road and you think that they might be V6's or V4's if you didn't realize that they have dual exhaust in the back. That's the only way that you can recognize that they are V8's. The the exterior of the LX looks just like the V6's and the V4's if it wasn't for the V8 engine and the dual exhaust in the rear.
  18. I would jump on it immediately so I would do it, assuming it had the exact same engine and the ford version of vtec whatever there caling it. But I wouldnt pay 26,000 for a gt with 300 hp, because right now my cars quicker then the new 26,000 gt is stock. So it wouldnt make much sense to spend more money and be slower.