sub $20k V8 rumor strikes again

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  1. I think the SRT-4 now MSRPs over 20k. Like 20995. Thing is though if the new Cobalt does put out 200 horses it should be under 20k and there goes that title.
  2. Its also in the video available at brads site.
  3. I'd buy a V8 LX if it was 19995 without even haggling. I'd come in, pick my color, and say, "I'll take it"...end of sale.

  4. You guys are out of your minds.

    Ford is going to be able to sell every 05 GT it can manufacture at near MSRP - $25K - $30K. Why in the world would they come out with a V8 under $20K and give up over $3K in profit per vehicle?
  5. Just because there was another post on the Internet about the $20k rumor doesn't make it any less of a rumor. This place is still full of dreamers. Not only that, but some of you seem to think that fog lights cost $5000.
  6. Yeah, but it didn't come from the Internet initially. Mays himself said both would start under $20,000, and until I see something more recent than what he said in January from Ford, I gotta give it a little credit. But I'm not entirely follwing it, I have my doubts, but a man can dream can't he? But if this is to come true, I could see it STARTING at $20k, but adding enough options, it could well enough exceed the projected $25k price.

    And the dude talking about the 1995 GTS, there was a little thing called the LX during the Fox Body years. It was the exact same engine put in the GT's except without the body kit and extras. A V8 in a 4 banger body. Of course, you could make it into a contender against the GT after adding enough options.

    If this is true, I like it, it is like the 60's, when every Mustang was different, and you could practically get any engine or option from Ford, very cheaply.
  7. Wow, those are some good looking cars...didnt know Ford had models only available elseware and not here. Anything along the lines of a Mustang model out there?
  8. Knock yourself out.
    Mustang Introduction Video
  9. On a different note...Do you really think Ford is going to "slap on" some ol' V6 brakes here and shocks there and put out a car that is crap so a few guys can get them at 20K then put 6K in aftermarket money into them...

    Its a motor company...been around for 100 years...its all about market share, they are not going to potential open themselfs up to the unhappy masses (aka consumers AND share holders) for a few gear heads, they are going to do their research and engineering and produce the best car they can for the price range they are trying to fill.

    sorry...that was about .03 cents worth
  10. They gots a Cobra that is badass in my opinion


    and to those that say there is no way for a 20K 300hp V8. watch that video!

    I QUOTE Mr. Mays

    "200 or 300 horsepower both starting under twenty grand" right around 50 seconds into the video.

    if it's a mistake that is a huge mistake made by one of Fords top executives. and no official claims from ford negating it. Yet right there in the video we have an OFFCIAL claim that there will be a 300 hp mustang for under 20K.

    doesn't seem that hard to figure out to me here folks!!!!!
  11. $100 still says you wont get one for un $20,000 with a V8. I still say that the mustang Chief engineer knows more about it than an executive. He says priced about the same. The guy in the video is an MBA not a car guy.

    You guys are crazy thinking it will be under $20,000 for a V8. Bring out a new car, more advancements, higher tech, and be cheaper. Yeah sure. When was the last time any new model was much cheaper than the one it replaced?

    Read the print articles from ford itself that I posted. They are more up to date than the NAIAS video and from people who are actually on team mustang. People that are involved with mustangs every day.
  12. You never know. Ford might surprise everybody and offer a V8 LX Mustang for under $20,000. It would make them sell more cars if they did.
  13. It was just a example brakes and a improved suspension cost nowhere near 6k. The point is I dont care if its a all around car I wont a car thats quick with a engine that gives me what I want everything else is secondary.
  14. I'm not sure I follow you -- you're suggesting that an MBA, who's whole life IS numbers like this, would be less informed about the price than the engineer? I expect the engineer cares a lot more about the car than he does about how much Ford is going to charge for it ...

  15. Then why in God's name has Ford not come out and given a statement negating the fact that a cheif executive of the company said in his speech at one of the largest auto shows in the world that the 300hp V8 for under 20K was a mistake?

    i am just saying that is a HUGE mistake!!! and it's been well over a month and no statement apologzing for the misinformation.
  16. Well, maybe its not a mistake.:shrug: I guess time will tell.
  17. The guy in the video is J. Mays, who is head of Ford Design I believe. He may have an MBA, but he's also layed out some of the best automotive designs in recent years. Under his belt is the Jetta, Bug, Passat, Thunderbird and now Mustang.
  18. They both got t5's, but were not the same. Internal parts were weaker on the v6. Least thats what the mags were saying. Ok, lets look at what they could do. They won't downgrade to v6 suspension cause the engineers would say it would be unsafe to do so with a v8 engine in it. They could do something like this.

    Sticker for GT with auto tranny-26,500
    Leather delete-$1200
    Air delete-$800
    Power windows delete-$300
    Power locks delete-$200
    Power seats delete-$200
    Stereo delete-$500
    Auto tranny delete-$1000

    Thats $4200 off and my numbers are just guess's, but you see where I am going. Something along the lines of a 2000 cobra R. A stripped down, low optioned car for the hard core car guys. They did alot of this in the 60's. Hell, they could even go manual steering to shave another $500 or so.
  20. I bought an 89 LX Coupe 5.0 back in the day and the difference was like $6,000 almost!!!

    Base price for the LX 5.0 was $10,500 and the GT hardtops stickered for $16+
    To top it off, my LX 5.0 had EVERY option the GT had on the inside!!!