sub $20k V8 rumor strikes again

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  1. I'll add to this, in 86 the LX was not strictly a four banger. I had an 86 LX 5.0 convertible that was virtually identical to the GT model except for GT badging and the GT cloth interior. My LX was pleather/vinyl interior. Also the GT dash was different. 86 is also the first year for FOX fuel injection.[/QUOTE]

    I said around the mid 80's the 5.0 LX was born. I don't remember the exact years on this stuff and thats why I say I think, and around a certain year. I'm not reading this stuff out of some book, I'm working off of a fuzzy memory from years that were long ago and drug and alcohol affected. Also, back then I was a chevy guy. :rlaugh:
  2. XARANTHU....your tryin to get on steady at Ford

    :worship: seriously, good break down...i lost ya half way thru by its early here i I aint so gppd at
  3. Thanks i4, I do just read instead of guess - but Hopped up on Hydrocodone, topped off with a good measure of DR. Pepper and suffering from bouts of insomnia due to pain and the drug itself (caffeine does not influence my ability to sleep) I'd say it's more of a 60's style connection to the universe and of course, all that is Mustang... Smart? There's always room for improvement... lots of room in my case.

    mp67: Don't feel bad about something so minor. A hard top is a hard top. You could put the hatch and coupe in that category, but the notch fits hardtop as the hatch fits fastback just a little better. I got specific to prevent someone even more bored than I from posting some splitting hair comment that so often plagues the forums with some know-all pissing contest that results in enough wasted brain, emotional and physical energy to power a city for a month.

    Disclaimer: Before anyone goes of on a drug-using tangent, I'm recovering from reconstructive surgery so go preach somewhere else. I don't like taking pills, but I hate pain even more! :p

    Edit: Though not clearly documented, it is possible that the LX model was offered in 86, but it was not badged or officially designated. My 86 GT was as close to LX you could get, really because it had no real ground effects. It had the flat hood paint, the GT, the 5.0 emblem and they were still using the interior with Giha influences. Oh. and mine did say Cobra on the spoiler. I bought it in 94 when living in Edmonton - the good ole Canadian Cobra. Still kicking myself for selling that damn car.:bang:


  4. This is wrong. There was an 86 LX (as was previously posted by DPA). My buddy had an 86 LX 5.0 Coupe (also had a friend with an 86 GT with T-tops) It is what made me dream about getting a Mustang and led to getting a brand new 1993 5.0 LX Coupe, black on black, 5 speed (yep, I still have it). I found a picture of an 86 Hatchback and you can clearly see the LX on the hatch lid. It is located here:

    You can also look here for an explanation of the differences between the GT and LX:

    On the topic of a V8 LX version in 05 for under 20,000, I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  5. Cool. That clears that up... Only discrepancy I found in the info was that my GT was Shadow Blue Metallic; a color noted at the bottom as not available. I wish I had brains enough to take some pictures of that car while I had it. :(


  6. I'll tell you what. If ford gets out a 20 grand 300 hp v8 mustang that runs as good as it looks. The bastards are going to sell a hell of a lot of them.
  7. Little profits in the high number of sales equal big $$$ profits. That's why I have yet to understand the logic GM is doing with things like the SSR. Low volume, rediculous msrp, only a fool would pay that kind of money for that vehicle IMO. I don't think it's worth it at all. Mustang is dear to my heart since I miss my 68 so much. I will either own a new 05 or get another 67-68...either way, I am getting a Mustang before the end of 2005.
  8. The exact same reason why Ford is building the GT and my build the Shelby Cobra. It's called a "Halo Vehicle". It is intended to draw attention to the brand and attract customers who will end up buying one of the brand's mainstream vehicles.
  9. Well they need to rethink their useage of halo on the SSR. It's driving people away instead of attracting them. I have yet to meet any large group of car lovers that the majority likes the SSR.
    Ford haloed their trucks with the Lightning. Dodge is doing the same with the SRT-10. Trucks that have a ton of performance for the price and looked good. They make a name for themselves. GM is screwing up the haloing of their truck line. The SS Silverado failed at that and now the SSR. I fail to see how hard it would be to take the LS1 or LS6 cram it into a Silverado Reg cab add a supercharger beef up the drive train and rearend and just obliterate Ford and Dodge. That will get you more respect from everybody than an overpriced underpowered fugly excuse of a truck.
    no offense to any GM lovers out there.
  10. None taken...GM lover here, soon to be X-GM lover if nothing is changes very soon. I am fed up with rediculous prices, nothing out there I can afford that excites me at all. I don't like the new vette..I like the SSR but totally hate the price tag and therefore don't want it. Silverado SS...what a cruel joke that turned out to be! No pony cars, but even when they did, they were priced way too high. Ford is going to be my next best friend all because of the 05 Mustang. Way to go Ford. :nice: Glad to see there is one company that does listen to "joe public's" wants.

  11. Bringing up an old but funny topic. Shows not to believe internet rumours.

    Well now that the offcial build your own stang site is out at I wonder where the $20,000 V8 is? LOL :rlaugh:
  12. It can't be done....

    My bad

  13. The title is $20,000 V8. The above is a window sticker for a V6.
  14. if im not mistaken, last time i looked at a new 5spd GT, the sticker was $18,900 (before the 05 concept was revealed), and a new Mach1 was $23,900. And I talked to a Ford guy and he said, "the new mustangs arent going to be more expensive then last years."

  15. You are mistaken. The new GT base is $24,995
    You can build and price one at

    The base price for a 2004 GT was $24,300

    The 2004 mach 1 base price is $29,875
    You can also get this figure directly from ford.

  16. Those prices were after factory rebates and dealer discounts. MSRP on a base 04 GT is around 24k and the Mach 1 is 29k.
  17. As much as I would like a $20,000 GTS version, I can say with certainty it's not gonna happen this year.

    Look at the initial order ratio - instead of it being 2:1 or more in favor of V6 base Mustangs (which is the pattern over the last decade), customers are preordering GTs at an even 1:1 ratio. Initial interest in the GT model is off the scale, so much so that Ford is skewing the initial production run in favor of the GT model.

    With the high dollar (relative) / high profit GT model selling so well, Ford would have to be OUT OF ITS BUSINESS MIND to release a V8 model that sells for less this year.

    Now when everyone that wants a S197 GT gets theirs, and customer purchases fall back to the normal 2+:1 ratio, Ford could introduce a midpoint GTS version to get a few new customers. But that's still a tiny and relatively insignificant market: most of the people that want a new-style V8 Mustang for $5K-6K less will do the sensible thing, and wait a while for the GT to show up on the used car market - or wait for all of the dealer incentives and rebates to kick in.

    And to everyone who keeps hyping up J Mays' comment on the video: dude, he's human. Humans make mistakes, and putting a camera in someone's face just multiplies your chances. Maybe he just finished snorting an 8-ball in the restroom, or he had a really bad night with the missus. But so far there's been no further statement from him or anyone else at Ford about a $20K V8 Mustang, meaning it's sitting right below the 07 F-body and somewhere above WMD in Iraq on the unsubstantiated rumor scale. So sure, it's a possibility, but getting your hopes up for one without any sort of corroboration whatsoever at this point is just setting yourself up for a disappointment.

    Why haven't they retracted it? Because Ford doesn't see the need for a costly and pointless retraction campaign for one mistake out of 5 million speeches and press releases that they've so far put out about the 05 Mustang.

    Personally, I just think he was tired of talking over the same Mustang talking points to the media for the zillionth time and decided to throw something out there to see if anyone was still awake.
  18. Oh no Mr. Bill, not the under $20K V8 thread again. :bang:

    I guarantee you that you will be able to purchase a 2005 Mustang V8 for under $20,000. :nice:

    But, it will be the year 2007 when you purchase a 2005 Mustang V8 for under $20K and it will already have 25,000 miles on it. :rlaugh:
  19. DIE YOU F***ER!!!!

    :D :rlaugh: