Sub box 2002 coupe

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  1. I don't know if it will fit, but it probably won't sound that great. The tuning is fine for a DD setup at 33 Hz, but it's really skimping on port area, you'll probably end up with quite a bit of port noise. It's also a tad on the small side for your subs. Which is fine if you'll be slightly overpowering them, but if you're not, then that's a negative too. That box will definitely work and should be ok for the money, but if you want something that will fit, sound better than any premade, and not be made out of cheap 5/8" wood, have a shop make you a box or have somebody design you one and make it yourself, they really aren't hard to make.
  2. Try the box out, aimed towards the rear? hopefully the ports will not be too loud......
    Good luck
  3. For small trunks, a ported box has to be large and flat and the port has to exit on the front or side of the box because of the shallow depth. I usually make a recess in the center and mount the amp(s) in between the left and right box sections. Verts are really tough because of the top well - Best to stick to two 10's, one 12 or cover the whole trunk deck with a padded 3/4" mdf plate and use the spare tire well. With the amount of bass equalization on today's amps, ported boxes are not really required - a sealed box is smaller, offers cleaner, tighter bass but it does require much more power to reach the levels of the ported box. The general rule of thumb on box efficiency is sealed: .05% relative to ported: 10%.