Sub Box Plans?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by RLC, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. My stang has a Mach 460 in it and I want to put a sub in the trunk...
    Where the heck would one fit? I thought of making a custom box to fit. Has anyone on there made a sub box to fit? Anyone have the measurements to make one?
  2. No measuring tapes in Northern Indiana? :shrug:

    Seriously though... I would probably (if I were building one) make one that would mount just forward of the rear deck lid so you're not loosing much trunk space.
  3. Well.....with the Mach 460 amp rack there is barely room to mount it up that far. I don't wanna loose a lot of space either. There's about 11 inches top to bottom there. I wanted to fit a 12 inch sub but that isn't gonna happen. A 10 inch won't fit there either because the MDF to build the box is 3/4" thick...
  4. It will if you mound it horizontally instead of vertically. The alternative would be to install two 8 inch, 8-ohm, sub-woofers in parallel. That way, you'll still have enough resistance to keep the amp happy.
  5. I think the best bet would be to put it in one of the corners just in front of one of the tail lights. Anyone have pics of their setup? I'm thinking of taking the 460 amp rack down to see if any unnecessary parts can be removed.
  6. 8 inch is so small. I'd like to put in a 10 incher if I can. I'd like to have about 1200-1500 watts in the sub. I used to have two 750 watt subs in my truck with a 1500 watt amp. Not enough bass for me. I think one 1500 will do.
  7. A single 8 inch... ok. Surface area of two = more than what you have in a 12. It's about the size of the magnet and how much air you're moving. Not just the size of a single speaker.
  8. Makes sense...I might look into such a thing
  9. i have 2 10" pioneer subs in mine
  10. Not to revive an old dead thread...but I have 2 12" Kickers in the trunk now. Super tight fit with the Mach 460 rack. The bass is perfect. The spoiler and louvers vibrate like mad when it's turned up. I'm thinking of splitting the one box into 2 smaller boxes so I can remove them if need be. Some kind of bullet connectors on all the wires...
  11. two 8in rockford fosgates and a 1500w amp would be more than enough bass.