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  1. ok guys i used to be into the loud booming bass systems back in high school but got out of it when i bought my stang. well lately the mach 460 just isnt enough. today i got a deal from my buddy $150 for a rockford hx2 10 and a rockford 400 watt mono amp. i want to flush mount the 10 where the spare tire well is. what i need to know is will i have to make a fiberglass box or can i fit a small wood box in the tire well?? i know someone has done this setup. any pics and install tips would be appreciated
  2. If you really wanna flushmount them then go ahead. It would b easier and cheaper to do a nice setup w/o flush mounted. Heres my set up. I just need to carpet my box.

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  3. i just dont really want a box that might be able to move around the trunk. i love to get out and go slinging every once in a while and the idea of a 50lb box sliding around my trunk isnt that great! do you have any trouble with the trunk ratteling? i guess dynamat would fix it if so
  4. fiberglass would be your best bet but its a PITA. but its possible to flush mount with a wood box its just tough to get it so that it doesnt move and stuff. i used to have a flush mount box in my avenger and it was pretty nice.
  5. MTX used to make special box for Mustang. I don't know if they still do...
  6. my box is drilled down into the metal, so i can corner as hard as i wan. Ive tested it lol.
  7. JL makes a nice 10" stealthbox for mustangs.
  8. Is that a W7 or W6. Delicious:eek:
  9. make a box that fits inside the wheel well out of 3/4 mdf, then make a fake floor out of 1/2(or 1/4 mdf id available) thats the size of the wheel well opening, and place the sub accordingly.

    fiberglassing would be good also, but rather overkill for a simple setup. if you really wanted to though, take the spare out, cover the whole wheel well as well as a few feet around it for overlapping, with a couple layers of alum foil and masking tape, and then lay down a couple layers of torn chopmatte, around 2-4sq inches each(found at home depot, the thick stuff, they come in large sheets you tear off as you go) over that. when that hardens, you get a perfect mold out of the wheel well, that you can then cut out a wooden top to fit with a opening for the sub, fasten that(screw in from the side) to the mold, as well as put a bit of fiberglass matte between the gaps in the wood and mold to airtight the summabltch, then a layer or two of glasse over the wood. sand that all down, add a bit of body filler, sand, and then cut out a new piece of carpet and mount the sub and amp and whatnot.

    i think alot of people lack imagination when it comes to enclosures and what they think they cant do. for my little customness.
  10. hey thomas, that setup you have looks damn good!!!! was it a pain to make???
  11. here's a pic of a box i had made, but i don't know if you would want something like this... oh and it isn't as big as it look and it doesn't move around at all:

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  12. I'd agree that molding a box for the spare tire well will give you the least problems with rattling and moving around....a MDF box would work, but might wiggle and rattle unless you pack around it really tightly. I just made a small box with my 1 12" and bracketed it through the carpet and board in the trunk, not even into the metal. Doesn't move an inch when I'm flying around town.
  13. i had a rockford t1 15 and a rockford X7 amp that was gonna go in the stang. i tested the way it sounded in my ranger before it put it in the stang. all i can say is DAMN that thing would rattle the whole truck!!! i sold it after like 2 weeks because it hit soooo hard that you couldnt hear the words to the song.
    does anyone know how deep the spare tire well is???
  14. i need about 6 inches to mount my sub
  15. I actually started making a spare tire well enclosure for my three 10's, but after making the outer wall structure it was apparent that I would have plenty of room just with a regular wooden box. I have a convertible and my box and amp take up the entire trunk, but it sounds and looks killer. If you really want to do the fiberglass, make sure you have alot of materials, time and the weather to do so. There is about 5-6 inches in the spare tire well and about 22 inches width and length, so plenty of cubic airspace for a single 10 or 12.
  16. Depending on where you are in NC, ive done quite a few mustang boxes, im near chapel hill and could hook you up on a fiberglass box, i will post some examples later tonight.
  17. i stay in benson, so chapel hill really isnt that far. how much would one of these boxes end up costing me??
  18. Go with a jl audio stealth box with 1 on their amps, not too loud, but sounds good.
  19. Rear seat delete and fiberglass the subs into the rear seat wells diagonly pointing at the rear glass.
  20. Haven't thought of that one yet, ive done a 12'' kicker l7 and a kicker 600 watt amp fiberglassed in the side of the trunk, a couple spare tirewell enclosures, a couple different full trunk setups, and then my rear seat delete setup