1. SAw a brand new WRX yesterday... most gawd awful hideous looking spoiler in the world, not to mention a hood scoop that absolutely does not belong on that car... i don't understand the appeal... 300hp would never entice me enough to endure the humility of driving such an ugly piece of crap.
  2. we arent biased enough here to prevent u for gettin reamed out for bein stupid.
  3. Hey, genius, I guess that by posting that that you assumed we would back you up, but I'm afraid not. First, the spoiler is FULLY FUNCTIONAL. At ~125mph, it is warped downward from the downforce it produces. Also, you do realize that the Intercooler is sealed right below that "absolutely does not belong on that car," right? Get your facts straight before you assume he is a ricer. :notnice:
  4. i personally like the Subaru's.........but that's just me
  5. i stand by my position. my facts are it's an ugly car. as i previously stated, i thought quite clearly, you couldn't entice me with enough technology or hp to endure the humility of driving such an ugly piece of crap. try reading before blowing your mouth off... thank you.
  6. i'm stupid because i think it's a ugly piece of crap? I see.
  7. 350z if i had to buy an overpriced import...
  8. He wasn't talking about it's functionality. He was talking about how stupid a 4-door brick with a huge spoiler and hoodscoop looks. It ranks right up there with the other 4-door brick with a huge spoiler, the Lancer. For some reason, brick "that looks like every other brick" cars really don't appeal to me. I can understand a nice looking S2000, 3000GT, Supra, or RX-7; but family bricks that have huge performance are just... wrong. I would take my slower than 90% of the cars on the road '66 Mustang 6-cylinder before I would take a brick with wings. Not to mention, it's ugly. :banana:
  9. I agree, the WRX's are the most hideous looking vehicles ever to be called "sports cars." They are nothing more than economy cars with huge turbos and improved suspension. It is a car for rice boys who do not want to rice up their cars on their own. Plus, they are foreign and you have to be a traitor to your country to earn money here and spend it on rice.
  10. If you're going to talk crap at least get the car right.

    Its a STi not a WRX. The WRX is the 220hp version, and the STi is the 300hp version with the big wing.
  11. Who me? It's still a WRX, and I'm ripping on the appearance and japanese-ness of it. STI is simply a better version of the same car, like a Cobra to a GT. I think the STI looks even more ridiculous. The whole idea of modding an economy car seems stupid to me. WRX's don't look any more like sports cars than Hyundai Accents.
  12. Since when did economy cars come with fully functional spoilers, top mount intercoolers, all wheel drive, and 300 hp???? They're not "sports cars" persay, they're rally cars. And I'm sorry to say, but there are other motorsports in the world other than NASCAR. So you think it's ugly, big deal, but when you go spouting off about how it's a crappy car, that's a different story.
  13. The WRX STI does have a hideous wing, but 300hp out of a 2.5L factory engine is impressive. Subarus are one of the best engineered automobile out there, hands down.
  14. Well, like an economy car, it has 4 doors and a 4 cylinder engine. They put a dumb wing on it, a huge turbo, and put pink lettering all over it. Oh, and the intercooler was strategically placed directly above the engine, lol. Economy cars have 4 cyls. If a 4 cyl is more potent than an 8 cyl, then a 1 cyl would be ideal. Get a 1 cyl with an 80 PSI turbo and you have the ultimate car. Yeah right. I feel like I'm talking to rice boys right now.
  15. wow, smart man :rolleyes:

    no wonder why were classified as inbred hicks.
  16. guess what? thats due you the idiotic regulations that you feel so proud of. all cars on the market have to pass the bumperbasher test, and a front mount intercooler would fail any car. but wait, how bout not hitting 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' to begin with?
  17. Right, and that mustang you're driving was built right here in America wasn't it. :rolleyes:
  18. :lol: Man, I get that same feeling every time I post on here. *checks web address* Nope, it's not Import Tuner, but it sure feels like it with all the rice support in here. It's a shame. And for the record, the WRX is a 4-door family car, say what you will, and so is the Lancer Evo. Both are ridiculously overpriced and both come with a wing that doubles as a love seat, so if you're going to defend that, then you are most definitly a ricer.
  19. Umm, Mustangs are built in Michigan. More importantly, Ford is an American company headquatered in America. Buying foreign cars does not support the country as a whole, period. At the Chicago auto show, the Evo's sign was bragging that it is 100% japanese. Well, so are the people who buy them, in my eyes.

    Ice, you say "Wow, smart man" as if I made an error. What is it that you think was dumb about my statement?

    Thank you, Mean, for showing me that not all our fellow Stangers have suddenly become foreign loving econo-box prospects who have no appreciation for big displacement and American muscle.
  20. Are you familiar with the word "sleeper?"

    Or do you not realize that Muscle Cars fit into your description of "wrong?"

    Personally I would rather have a car that looks slow, but performs well.
    It seems pretty stupid to me to have a car that looks faster than it is. Take ricers for instance. The entire reason we make fun of them is because they try to look faster than they are. I hate the idea that this is a trend created by my generation. :nonono:

    I would love nothing more than to build a solid white or black Crown Vic with a 351 or even a 460, and go out and kick the living crap out of riced out Civics and Preludes. :D