1. First of all, many japanese cars are actually MADE here in the states. Second, if it wasn't for these 'crappy family cars' we likely wouldn't have a a 390+hp Cobra that we have now because there would be no competition. Oh, and these are NOT economy cars with souped up engines and suspensions, they are nearly all-out track cars w/ economy car BODIES. If you think you are doing the right thing by being ignorant, well, you're wrong. Competition makes for better cars and real car enthusiasts like cars of all types, and having driven WRX's and Cobra's I'm glad we have both.

    Anyone else notice that its all the wannabe newbs that are talking trash about cars that are infinately better than anything we drive and that would own them before they shifted into second gear?
  2. Yeah I see STIs doing 125mph all over on the street. :rlaugh:
  3. We're newbes because we haven't been members of a car forum as long as you? What great seniority you have over me since you've been a member for two years! I'm sorry, sir!

    So you're saying you support foreign companies overtaking the US auto industry simply because some of the manual labor required to physically build the car is done in factories located in the US? McDonalds builds its happy meal toys in China, but I bet the Chinese aren't too happy with the US reaping all the benefits.

    Did you just say that a WRX is infinitely better than any Mustang? I think I'm going to throw up.
  4. because i may choose to spend my money elsewhere, im a traitor? go look through your house or apartment, i garuntee you that youll find more than just a few things that arent made in the u.s. you act like anything and everything foreign is a great injustice against this country, but guess what? at one point you too were an import. to think even in this day and age we have so many ignorant 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me's. "how bout yall grab yo rope and pointy white hoods n go lynch some foreigners after suppa?" do you realise how horrid our lifestyles would be if we were sealed off from everything outside of our borders?

    go take a few economics courses and then come back

    i dont know about you, a but car with a built motor and rally suspension do not go under economy car in my books. wether you think its ugly or good looking is all up to you, but calling an sti a 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me'box economy car?

    i vote you slack jawed yokel of the year
  5. I have a vid of an STI smoking an ls1 with a 6k clutch dump, it was sick.
    they look kinda weird for my taste, but they are very agile and fast cars from what I've seen. They are a poor mans rally car. a stock STI would get decimated by a real WRC subaru rally car. an STI is a kickass street car. I have never driven one or been inside one, so I cannot say much more.

    people shouldn't be dissing cars they have never been in or owned. especially when they own a car that is outperformed by that car in every aspect.
  6. [QUOTE='66 coupe]Are you familiar with the word "sleeper?"

    Or do you not realize that Muscle Cars fit into your description of "wrong?"

    Personally I would rather have a car that looks slow, but performs well.
    It seems pretty stupid to me to have a car that looks faster than it is. Take ricers for instance. The entire reason we make fun of them is because they try to look faster than they are. I hate the idea that this is a trend created by my generation. :nonono:

    I would love nothing more than to build a solid white or black Crown Vic with a 351 or even a 460, and go out and kick the living crap out of riced out Civics and Preludes. :D[/QUOTE]

    I am familiar with "sleepers". I believe the WRX does not count as one because of it's huge wing, hoodscoop, and gold rims.

    About muscle cars... I don't think I like any of the ones with 4 doors. The Chevelle and Nova, for example, just don't look right with 4. My description of "wrong" is my own personal opinion. I like the look of a stock Supra, it may have a huge wing, but I like it. It looks like it belongs on the Supra. Maybe it's the way the body flows. It has curves. I must be partial to curves. :shrug:

    Personally, it seems, you have 2 cars that look and sound fast, but are not. You could have your "sleeper" if you got rid of those 2.

    The trend you mentioned of making things look faster than they are has been alive since people started racing cars. The spectators would go home and some would make their cars look like the race cars. Don't kill me, because I may not get this right, but the segment called "street rods" from 20s to 50s, mostly look fast. There's another section for the 60's and 70's... I think it's called pro touring? Anyway, every kind of car has different people who like it. Some care about performance, some styling, and some a mixture.

    I will like a car totally based on the style, if it has performance, even better. My '66 has a style I like. My '01 GT has some style and performance. I just can't see myself getting up every morning and getting into a car I don't like the looks of, even if it can beat every other car on the road.

    As for the whole Japanese thing, GTO3. You need to stop typing on your keyboard and looking at the computer screen. I'm sure some of it came from a foreign country. I'm sure over 75% of the stuff you own personally is foreign. You should burn it all now, before it taints you. :banana:
  7. :lol: well put

    heres the response from my friend at the naval academy when i sent him a link:

    "but ask him if a soldier in the military who has his issued shoes made in china and issued shirt in korea, if he's a traitor. The fact that before he joined he drove a japenese car, and watched tv on a tv made in singapore, if he's still a traitor? Ask him what he's ever done for his country beside making stupid remarks on a mustang board, making american's look dumber then we really are"
  8. There is no replacement for displacement, hell I have a 460 under my hood.
    But why is it being rice to say the WRX STi is a fast car? Last time I looked the ricer boys are the ones with the fart cans and spray painted rims that are all show AND NO go.

    The WRX STi and Cobra ran the same times in the 1/4 and the road course. Not dissing the Cobra, but the WRX is up there. And I strongly agree the wing must go, but besides that they are decent looking car.

    Not trying to sway you to buy a WRX, but don't call them rice. The WRX has the show AND the go.
  9. I love the WRX's, especially in blue with the gold STI wheels. They have alot of potential as well. Mmmm, open downpipe and boost controller :p

    Personally, I wish it was 2 doors.. but oh well, nice car none the less.
  10. Congratulations, you just defined "Newb." However you could prove otherwise if you had something intelligent or non-ignorant to say, but, alas, you don't.

    Umm, the foreign cars assembled here are done the same way they are in Detroit, assembly line. American jobs are American jobs. BTW, many parts for ALL car companies are outsourced abroad and merely assembled here.

    Nope, didn't say that. I said better than anything WE drive, as in V6's. I love my car and I am as big of a Mustang fan as there is, but I'm not a Mustang-supremecist like some of you. The STi may not be the prettiest car ever (opinion which many would disagree since function follows form when it comes to real performance) but it deserves significant respect.
  11. people shouldn't be dissing cars they have never been in or owned. especially when they own a car that is outperformed by that car in every aspect.[/QUOTE]

    If you couldn't do that, then there would be no import scene....which would be a really good thing actually.
  12. Anytime :nice: All this "WRX is the greatest import" crap is making me :puke:

  13. wow, youre still here? i thought you guys went and hung yourselves for being traitors after discovering that your tvs were made in japan :rolleyes:
  14. I dont think they look ugly. I just dont like the wing-a-ling
  15. :stupid: you know, it never ceases to amaze me how many people spout off without thinking. Nowhere on this site have I ever claimed my Mustang to be 100% american parts....but I do think YOU are 100% idiot for saying that I did.

  16. maybe you should go back and re-read, i never said anything about where mustangs were made in this thread. :rolleyes:
  17. Bah, he's just mad because I've been picking on him for the past week.
  18. Wow, only one true American in this room besides me. TV's are made in Japan... this is true. But if you saw a display at Best Buy and there were several comparably priced TV's clearly marked as American and Japanese, I would hope you'd at least consider the American brand. Cars are exceptional because it is very clear what country they originate, and they make up a significant portion of income. Notice all the car ads on TV? They are expensive and create huge revenues for the companies. A Honda being manufactured in the US does not make it a patriotic car to own. All the white-collared jobs are over seas and all the profits are realized over seas. To forsake the US is to forsake the future of the US. Maybe you'll realize what you've done when you or your children are jobless. I suppose you people support the outsourcing of American jobs to India? You guys must be balls to the walls capitalists with no regard for yourselves.

    The guy sitting in the cube next to me has an STI. I make fun of it constantly. I know it's fast, but I still hate it. I'm gonna have to stay away from the V6 forums I think. I never see this kind of talk in the 4.6 mod forums - they are composed of red-blooded Americans.
  19. Ok guyz, i'm gunna put my opinion down, but i'm sure to get flamed on by somebody...

    As someone who owns a v6 mustang, 1995 to be exact, but hangs out with kids (we're all 18) who have a '96 Maxima, '03 RSX Type-S, and '03 Mini Cooper S, i've learned you have to learn to respect all cars. Granted, many people think the STi is ugly. That's fine, your entitled to your opinion. But when a car that is the same weight, IF NOT lighter than out cars, is putting out 300hp/300tq, you have to respect that. It DOES NOT matter whether the car is coming from detroit, japan, or freakin russia. Supporting American's companies, and only american companies is in good intention i suppose, but many of you fail to realize just how JOBLESS people really would be without any foreign interaction in our OWN economy. Like them, or hate them, Japanese, German, and whoever else car companies are starting to get things right, and where we have huge engines to make our power, they are using technology to use make their power. Sure, if i strapped a boeing 747 engine to my bike i would be fast. I love and respect ALL cars, even those huge SUV's at times when there are 7 inches of snow on the ground.

    The only thing that i really dislike, is the statement "There's no replacement for displacement"...well obviously, if u checked the fact sheets coming out of Japan. There is. It's called "Brain Power". The only reason that American cars go fast because of big muscle, and huge engines is because, back in the day, there wasn't the technology there is now to make your car fast. The only way to make ur car fast is by putting the biggest engine you can find, and squeezing it in there.

    Love it or hate it, there are MANY MANY imports, that will put our cars to shame, be it straight away, or twisties. And at the same time, we here in the good 'ol U.S. of A. have many cars that will embarrass a lot of imports. Next time you want to talk about how Japanese car companies suck, and all they make are econo-boxes...i only have a few choice words for you: Ford Focus, Ford Escort, and Dodge Colt, to name a few. We are just as guilty as them, you know why? Because not every "RED BLOODED AMERICAN" wants a gas guzzling 1000hp beast. Some people just need to get their ass to work and back....
  20. Thanks drew. That was the first reply that wasn't blindly insulting. I understand that foreign competition is a good influence on quality everywhere, though it does have detrimental effects on the jobless numbers in the US. Quality up, jobs HERE down.

    My problem is that slews of kids are opting for some of these foreign cars for the wrong reasons. The foreign sector is dominating the sports car industries in sales. Aside from the brand new STI's and Evo's, none of these cars could compete with, say, a stock 1995 Z-28. Acura RSX's are not fast or powerful cars, but I know guys who wrongly think they are, even in stock form. "Yeah, I can usually run with Camaro Z-28's and Mustang Cobras, if not beat them." Well, that's simply not true. The US uses big motors because they work well. Let us not forget what the fastest 4 cars ever built were (1/4 times). No stock car to date has ever defeated a stock 1968 Plymouth Barracuda SS with a 426 cubic inch Hemi. The official time was 10.5 seconds, but many report single digits. Aside from the McClaren F1 (rank 3 with 10.8 1/4 time), all of the fastest cars ever made have big american motors. Does anyone agree with me that a Hemi sounds cooler than a whiny, 2 liter Subaru motor? Remember that scene in Fast Furious 2 where the Hemi smoked the Evo. It was so much cooler sounding. Come on...