1. It was a cool scene in a mostly dissapointing movie, but back to what you said about sound. Many people fail to realize this one point. Just like there are different exhausts for our cars, there are different exhausts for imports. Just from reading some exhaust post here on SN, if you don't get quality, your car sounds bad. Simple as that. My friend w/ the RSX Type-S, put intake and exhaust on his car. His intake was injen (if anyone is familiar) and his exhaust is a brand called Fujitsubo. He car has absolutley no whine, and is in fact very low rumble when he is normal driving, but when he opens it up, and hits VTEC, that car screams. Granted, it's not the "roar" of a big 8 cylinder, but it's not whiney at all. The reason? He bought quality exhaust. His system, is cat-back, but still is a full out racing system. He won't pass smog now here in NY. The difference between him, and most "ricers" which i consider two different things. Ricer's buy just the muffler, from one of those stands in the mall. He is what i call a "tuner". A "tuner" is someone who takes pride in what they have, regardless of foreign or domestic, and takes pride in only using the best quality parts for their car. His RSX is the type-s, and w/ his intake and exhaust, he's got about 225 to the crank. give or take. and I have personally seen him beat a 94-98 GT mustang. granted i dont think there was any work done to the car. but some people have to learn about cars in general. not everything that looks fast is fast, but not everything that looks slow is slow. with the right amount of money AND technology, anything can be made fast. case in point, look at the sport compact class in the NHRA, or whatever it is. EVERY ONE of those cars will beat any 6 banger on here. once again, to stay neutral, with the right amount of money, any 6 banger can beat those cars. thats all
  2. Here's an idea, lets halt all export of American products overseas and all import of overseas goods. That sound good to you? We can all buy only American made goods. I dont know how many of you actually have jobs where you work around other people, but the American work ethic sucks. If Americans made quality stuff that isn't designed to break down and make more money for the corporations, then I'd consider buying them more than a Honda for a daily driver. True Americans my foot. Where do you think this country makes most of it's money? Overseas markets. So by this, you're telling us it's ok to have other countries buy our stuff, but not ok to buy their stuff? Give me a break and go take your HS econ class.
  3. ppl need to be more open minded is all i have to say.
    and i have no part in this, im canadian! haha
    why so much hate towards import cars? they are awwesome. just because we drive domestics doesn't mean we have to shun imports. If I was a millionaire I would have german, american, japanese. this would be my car list.
    03 Cobra (daily driver sports car)
    02 Trans AM Automatic (massively modded drag only car)
    05 z06 vettte (I dont even think this exists yet, they only got c6 trims coming out but watever) (the thing I use to compete with cars like M3 CSL's)
    S600 benz (lazy sedan)
    SL55 AMG (lazy coupe)
    98 TT supra (collector purposes)
    95 rx7 (i'd want to try some drifting with this)
    89 Fully Restored and turbo'd Taurus SHO (haha my ghetto FWD sleeper)
    Lingenfelter 427cu 700hp Escalade EXT (for pimpage)
    and a H1 hummer for some off roading
    and maybe a Maybach 62 If i don't feel like driving
  4. Thanks again drew. I agree with your logic.

    Integraholic, I'm going to guess that you're not a native-born American. You hate American workers, though you are one. So, if this was a conventional war and Japan had better fighter planes (like in WW2), you'd be on their side and say they deserve to win? The US does not have huge exports aside from food. The Japanese buy very few American cars or products. You're okay with them only exporting and not importing huh? How did the average American become so hateful of his own people? Where's the pride? The Japanese were once mortal enemies of this country and had we lost WW2, they'd have killed every last one of us. The US is the only country that doesn't commit mass murder against civilians in a country that has already surrendered. Remember the fallout in China after the Doolittle raid? Forgive and forget, thank God we won the war.

    You are a hypocrite. You frown on American workers. You support the destruction of American industry. Yet there you are working for an American company, depending on fellow Americans to purchase your goods or services. You rely on that for survival, but you won't help out your neighbor.

    It's funny that you keep mocking me about economics classes. I'm taking one class this semester, and it's an Econ class for my MBA. Interesting.
  5. Excuse me, I'm not frowning on American workers. I'm saying the majority of Americans have a poor work ethic. Our school system sucks. You wonder why the rest of the world is so far ahead of us? Heck, japanese middle schoolers are at a higher math level than American HS seniors. I was born in America and am proud to be an American. But for the majority, Americans are downright dumber than the rest of the world. Thats why Americans need different car names to associate them with luxury. Why name Cadillac Cadillac? Because if we called them Chevy's they'd not be viewed as luxury. Same way with Lincoln, Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti. It's people like you who give Americans a bad rap, not people like me. This whole "My country is better than yours" ideal is complete bullcrap. This planet would move forward in leaps and bounds if everyone would shut the hell up and work together. Black, white, latino, asian, arabic, ect are not races. We're all human.
  6. All human but not all living at the same standard. Are you willing to give up the stranglehold the USA has on the world if it means bringing everyone to a comparable level? Do you know how much your lifestyle would have to suffer to balance out the 1.2 billion Indians in their God-forsaken country? No more showering, eating out, or driving cars.

    Behind the rest of the world? What a load of crap that is! I can't believe you said that. Perhaps you can cite standardized test scores from Japan that are better, but where else? We have the best education system anywhere! You ever heard of the brain-drain? All the most intelligent people come to this country to prosper. People all over the world come to our programs for higher education. You tell me Americans are dumb and don't work hard as you sit in your comfy house, sipping on a drink, eating a big lunch, and driving a mustang. That mustang is worth more than the average human makes in his lifetime. You need to open your eyes to the world around you. You are living in the greatest empire ever created at its very pinnacle. You always have a full plate of food, a heated home, and medical treatment. You're going to lose all that if you let the rest of the world tip the scales and reap the benefits of our capitalist nation, unrestricted. You are nuts! You have it all and you don't see it. Sure there are some richer, but if you are an average American, you are in the top 99% of all people in the world in income and standard of living. I would love for my children to have the same.
  7. Well, you just continue to think the way you do, and I'll continue thinking the way I do. We'll see where the world ends up eventually.
  8. You're living in a bubble world where everyone has it as good or better than you do. I will try to protect what we have; you can **** about not having enough and give it all up.

    At least you have a Mustang. That's cool.
  9. GT03, you are the biggest hypocrite. Take a look at the BIG FAKE HOODSCOOP on your car. This is the descrimination that is called Riceist, its O.K. on your car because it is American made but it is Rice if it is on an imported car.
  10. Actually, I dont have a mustang, I have an Integra like the name insinuates.
  11. You seem a little intolerant. Last time I checked, we weren't at war with Japan. So um, why does buying stuff made in Japan make people traitors? Maybe you're holding on too much to the past. That was quite some time ago.

    Japan, as well the rest of the world outside of the US, has greatly advanced in trade. This is the definition of 'trade'; we make money from them, they make money from us. Since our products don't sell well in Japan, our relationship has been nortoriously unbalanced. To put it simply, we pay them to have our products in their country to "sell" even if no one buys it. Perhaps if the US had a better idea of quality, our exports would be accepted more by the rest of the world. We work hard, true, but we don't have a personal link to our products like others might. Japan has a reputation for being product-loyal to the extreme, they work hours on end to meet harsh deadlines, yet have higher quality. They also have twice as much paid vacation time. They make money because they can deliever. Until US factories (not just cars) understand this, our exports will never be in any competitive realm. (Except when we bribe them to buy). :banana:

  12. OMG you are totally full of CACA..what an IDIOT!! America has the best education system...HAHAHA, hardly buddy. Please go to google.com. Alot of people come here for schooling but a lot of people also go overseas for schooling..examples: Dominican Republic has some of the world's best medical schools at a much lower cost than an equally reputable one in the U.S.; ever heard of Oxford University buddy? That's not here in the U.S.A. What Econ book are you reading for your class? Do you even read your book? Ignorance is bliss...oh yea, I'm proud to live in the U.S., be a U.S. citizen and drive a black on black FORD MUSTANG...
  13. Who would've thought that someone's opinion about a car would turn into a philosophical discussion about one's loyalty to his or her country. For the love of God, no one gives a crap (censor edit ;)).

  14. Yeah, I'm quitting the V6 forums as well...might as well go to www.Hondafanclub.com. Same people there seem to be in here.
  15. Oh, no, we take it back!!! Please don't go!!! :rolleyes:
  16. imo the wrx sti is a sweet ride no matter its origin. enzo ferraris arent made in america nor is lamborghini or porsche? so does this make them ricers-because of the recent definition of rice cars they are anything not made in america which is idiotic. the wrx sti is fully functional and a sweet ride although idont like the gold dayton style rims there is the silver version available as well. my sister in laws first car was a 93 subaru svx that she bought from a friend with 140,000 miles on it and when she got rid of it, it had almost 200,000 miles on it with no signifacnt problems. plus it would run dead even witha t/a until 150 mph where the t/a topped out at as the svx topped out at 160. subaru is a solid brand and if you try to claim that if its not made in america its a piece of crap then you are hittin more rock than james brown. moral ethics werent the topic of this discussion it was whether or not someone liked the looks of the sti. i love mustangs and their heritage but i dont make irrational comments like not made in america then its a riced out POS because i know better. a quality made car is a quality made car no matter origin. to compare subaru to hyundais as previously stated is like comparing the 03 cobra to a pinto station wagon. it makes no sense. just my 2 cents.

  17. yeah classify the dodge daytona as a rice car too :rolleyes: