Subframe Conn Advice

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by bdepedro, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Just received the Global West subframe connectors for my '70 fastback and need some advice before welding them on. I'm doing the welding in my garage and will be putting the car up on jack stands. My question is where are the best support areas to ensure the chassis is not torqued when the connectors are installed?
  2. under the two front torque boxes ,with a piece of wood on top of the stands and right beside the leaf spring in the rear under the torque boxes ,also with a piece of wood on the jack stands to keep from denting the boxes .I would also put stands up front under the frame rails to keep the motor from causing the front to sag . Make sure it is level before welding anything
  3. my advice would be to set the jack stands to where the car is supported by the suspension. under the rear axle near the tires, and under the lower control arms as far out as possible. this will allow the car to sit as if it were on the ground when installing the sub frame connectors. once the connectors properly fitted and tack welded into place, you can then move the jack stands to a point directly under the connectors and let the weight of the car sit there while you fully weld the connectors in place.
  4. If the car is properly supported under rear axle and under lower control arms, why would I need to move support points after tacking before fully welding?
  5. to ensure that the connectors remain firmly in place. remember that when you weld, you introduce heat, and that can cause warpage if you are not careful.
  6. Haven't had a chance to test fit anything yet but wondering if my traction bars might interfere with the subframe connectors. Guess, I can move them outboard enough to clear if they do.
  7. if you have the shelby style under ride traction bars, and you didnt get sub frame connectors that have a cut out designed to allow them, then yes they may just interfere.
  8. I have the Global West tubular connectors but I'm hoping I can move the traction bars over maybe 1/4" to clear.