Subframe Connectors On New 5.0?

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  1. One of the first mods I did to my old 2000 GT was a pair of Kenny Brown "double cross" subframe connectors, and I credit them with keeping the car nearly rattle-free for nearly 180,000 miles, not to mention the huge improvement in how it drove on bumpy roads (felt like I installed new springs!).

    For my new 5.0, I did some searching around online but have no clear conclusion for whether they make sense for me based on how I will use this car. This car will spend about 75-80% of its life on the Interstate. I don't race and I don't drive like James Bond (well, not usually). But I will be driving this car for the next decade or more and the miles will add up eventually.

    What is your opinion - will they do the same for a new 5.0, holding it together for the long haul, or should I spend my mod money elsewhere? Based on what I am reading, I am leaning away from subframes, but if there's as good a reason to install them on a DD S-197 as there was on the Fox/SN-95 platform, I'll do it.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. The chassis of your new Mustang is much stronger then your 2000 GT's was. Its a night and day difference. I would spend the money elsewhere.
  3. The only structure reinforcement that I recall seeing on streeted S-197s has been the X-brace that you see in the Boss. Steeda makes one. It's supposed to tie the two halves of the car together. :shrug:
  4. You don't need them unless you're running deep in the 10's.
  5. The only 10's I'm running deep into lately are my mpg's!

    (well, not quite, but this car doesn't lend itself to a light right foot).

    Thanks everyone for your input.
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  6. Spend the money elsewhere.
  7. The S197 chassis is said to have 1000x the torsional rigidity of the Fox chassis. As an owner of both, I believe it! I've had some roadrace customers say they like the S197 SFCs, but most people agree they're useless for street cars on street tires.
  8. This is all good info. Thanks very much!
  9. No problem!