Subframe Connectors?

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  1. Needing them is a no brainer. so is adding a passenger side torque box. gonna do it to have it done when the twin turbo engine is finished. Welding in is the only way im gonna do these connectors.
    sooo to my question. Anyone made the dazecars subframe connectors?

    and, if these are a bad idea for one technical reason or another, are the NON USA companies really better than good ole Murican made connectors?
  2. if you use dazecars plans, they will do just fine. but why would you want non USA made sub frame connectors? the american made ones are going to be the best.
  3. thats why i asked. what i read, american ones are actually weaker. some say they arent, some say they are. but nothing to back it up. some company that claims to be american is up in canada, and theyre making some crappy parts.
  4. some companies, regardless of where they are from, make crappy parts, and it generally bears out in the price they charge for the items. regardless of who oyu buy from, check the specs for the tubing they use. if they say they use .095 wall tubing, then they better be using 4130 steel tubing. if they say they use .120 or .125 wall tubing, then they can be using 1018 or 1020 steel. by the way you also want them to use D.O.M. tubing or seamless tubing regardless of tubing material.
  5. I personally don't like available sfc's. They all tie to the floor support and not the frame rail. The floor supports are thin enough that you can bend then by hand. The front frame rails are much thicker and more suitable to weld to.
  6. thats exactly what i heard about the usa companies, they dont do the job like foreign deals. but im guessing thats all companies really. guess im for sure going with the dazecars setup, because they slide INTO the front frame rails, then up to and around where the front of the rear leaf spring bolts thru the frame. thatll be a safer bet i think. thanks guys!