Subframe install, what to watch out for

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  1. I got a set of subframes I'm going to install in the next couple days, any hints on what to watch out for on the installation. I'm going to bolt them in, then have a friend weld them on within a couple weeks.

    What I'm concerned about is that it looks like there are going to be issues with the passenger side hitting the fuel lines that run along the frame. Anyone have any installation horror stories to make me want to delay doing this?

    I'm figuring about 1 3/4- 2.5 hrs to do it.

    Thanks again for the input.

  2. Be sure to spraypaint the welds after your done to prevent rust.
  3. lol..nice horror story Dan. P
  4. "any hints on what to watch out for on the installation"

  5. be sure the suspension is loaded and the car is level otherwise when they get intalled they will hold the twist if the car isnt fully on its suspension
  6. Don't even bother bolting them in, just wait a couple weeks and get them welded.

  7. thanks, waiting for the weld is probably my best bet.

    Did anyone have problems/have to move any fuel or brake lines with their install?


  8. Mine fit fine.. came within 0.75" of fuel lines, but did not hit them.
  9. GT hit it on the head- whatever twist is on the body when it's welded is where it will stay- ie,use a level floor and support frame points if possible. Hoists are easier to use, but unless you know they are level under load, don't use a lift. Bolt on is good for limiting flex, but it really doesn't tie the subs functionally.(imho)