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  1. I was told to put this in the sound section so here I am. I have a 1990 LX hatch with a 5.0, and I want to put a system in it. I don't want, nor do I need tweeters and mids. I just want 2 12's, a deck, and a amp that can power it. I don't want crazy stuff, no Kicker Solo X or MTX Jackhammers. I have always heard that JL Audio is great, everyone on here is telling me that I should go with them, but I also know that they are a bit heavy on the wallet. I am looking to pay no more than $700 for deck, amp, and 2 12's. Now the real question is: What is the best that I can get for this. A sound shop has suggested I go with 2 12's from Soundstream, they run apx. 700 watts RMS each. That seems like a fair amount. Like I said, I don't want anything crazy, but something that I won't be laughed at for having. Oh, and all for as little money as I can get away with.

    I am more about function that looks. So I have no use for flashy speaker grills, see through boxes with up-side-down amp just to show off what it is. I much rather show off what it is by turning the bass up.
  2. Well, the first question I have is why 2 12's? If you are just looking for some nice volume, nothing crazy, then just get one really nice 12 that will hit hard and it will be just as loud as two 12's, plus it wont be as expensive and it will weight less.

    In my opinion, stick with name brand for all the components, rockford fosgate, JL, alpine, sony, infinity, audiobahn. You may be able to get a better deal on another brand, but you will probably not be as happy in the end.

    For the deck, its all your choice on what you want, do you want an MP3 deck? fancy equalizer? changing colors? Things like that will cost more, but not by much, look around and do a lot of pricing info. Here are some good places to start and

    As for the sub, I would go with a mono amp, something in the 600-800 watts rms range and a sub that can handle that type of load in 2 ohm. If what I am saying makes little to no sense, then welcome to exciting world of car audio. You may want to read up on watts v watts rms, mono v bridges, sealed boxes v bandbass, 1 sub v 2 subs, etc as these are all important decisions that you will have to make. Good luck and PM me if you need any help....
  3. I have one 12' JL sub and everyone thinks that I have two.
  4. Stay away from Audiobahn,it low quality stuff with chrome.You can get away with some good quality lower priced stuff.I also reccomend you amplify your full range speakers because the bass will drown out your highs and make it sound like crap. I have been using and selling alot of Kicker L5's and L7's.The JL 's are good,I have 3 JL12W6's in my truck and they are about 9 years old and never had problem,but their price has gone up.You coulf get into a basic sealed box and woofers for about $150-175 bucks(thats what I sell it for),but they will probably rape you on a pre fab box for about 100 bucks.As for the amp,you want something with power thats not expensive,try a Performance Teknique D class for the bass and 4 channel for the highs.I have been in the business for a long time and hate to see people brag about all theis big names when all they did was get ripped off.
  5. Audiobahn has always been fine for me, sure they are known for the bling factor, and its not gonna hit as hard as a JL, but mine are perfect for my tastes...either way, read around and do some research, anything worth buying is worth researching.
  6. Seriously, JL is WAY overpriced. GREAT quality, but too much $$$. I think it stupid how all these people jump on the bandwagon. Hell, if I had $700 to blow on one sub, I would. But lets face it, most of us dont. Hatchbacks are really good for bass too. You have a pretty small car, so I dont think you would need 2 12" subs. I would look into RE Audio.
    Look at the SE series. The 12" is $170, and the 15" is $200. They both take 600w RMS. My friend has ONE 12" in his Bonneville, and that is a HUGE car. That one 12" flexes his car, and sounds really good. They are GREAT subs. B/c they are an "underground" brand. Not that many people know about them. The RE 12.1 amp is $350, so there is $550. It puts out 1200w RMS at 1ohm, and 600 at 2ohms. You can get a Pioneer Premier DEH-P770 off of Ebay for $200 NIB. So there is $750. Always plan to go over your budget, b/c you still have to pay for wiring, installation if you dont know what your doing. And I would suggest that you bolt your box down to the floor. 1: B/c it is a helluva lot harder for thieves to jack you, 2: You dont want to get in an accident and the box fly forward and smash your head. And Ive heard of it happening more than once. Plus, its a law were I am.
  7. Another thing, why no tweets and mids? I hate not being able to hear the words and music, just bass. I guess whatever floats your boat though. And check out its a GREAT site for info. BUT, before you go asking questions, make sure you use the search bar first. They have a couple of first class *******s in there. So watch out. Also, if you want to see some subs in action, check out and check the video section. Its pretty cool.

    Here is what I'm installing in my car:

    Premier DEH-P770 h/u*
    CDT Audio EF-61 component set*
    Not sure of amp for comps yet
    1 RE SE15" sub*
    RE 12.1 amp
    240 sq.ft. of edead sound deadener*
    Custom built fiberglass kickpanels built by ME

    * means I already have it.
  8. I'm a bit biased but Pioneer sells like the old Mustang slogan "whole lot of bang for not a whole lot of buck"

    See what they have on their site then try to find it cheaper at or's store
  9. GOT IT.

    SUB(S) Pioneer TS-W306C/DVC (dual voice coil) 1,000 Watts for $130

    AMP Pioneer GM-5100T 760 Watts for $170 (some Wal-Marts carry it a bit cheaper)

    And you should buy some midrange speakers. I agree with Rajun Cajun

    No more than $70 a pair for Pioneer in Wal-Mart (they also carry Sony Explode & Lighting Audio)

    DON'T GO WITH Roadmaster AT ALL.
  10. My brother has 2 audiobahn 12s at 400rms a piece. They are being pushed by a 500rms amp. Its not the loudest but for only 90bucks for the subs and 150 for the amp it sounds nice.

    Those eclipse subs are nice. Once had a 12 that sounded really good. All what you would need now if you got that sub is a 450rms amp. I can only think of one right now and its a RF 451s, only because I have it. They probably have better ones but its not to expenisve. You would have to get help getting an amp because I don't really know much about bridging and ohms.
  11. LOL. I didnt mean that I dont have any tweets and mids. I was just saying I hate it when you can only hear the bass. I actually a set of CDT Audio EF-61 components that I/m installing in my Stang. I am also building some custom fiberglass kickpanels to mount them in. I might be a bit biased, but I REFUSE to buy any audio equipment from Walmart. But I also don't go and buy ridiculously priced JL Audio either. You guys should really look into some underground brands such as RE Audio, Elemental Designs, Ascendant Audio, and Adire Audio. All of these companys have subs that will give the dub7 a run for it's money at half the price!

    Read my earlier post and you'll see the equipment that I have. :banana: :banana: :banana:
  12. I would go with 2 JL Audio W3 Dual Voice Coils and make sure they are 4ohms. You can get 10 or 12's they hit about the same. For the amp Memphis Amps are a good choice for the price and the quality of sound. I know tha you don't want mids and highs but you are going to need them. Try getting MB Quart. You should be under $700 dollars.
  13. Thanks for all the input, a friend was buying a Kicker S15L7 off ebay, and I told him, I'd buy it off him when he gets it, so what is the next step from here, amp and deck wise?

    Oh and where should I go/look to get a box?
  14. if you going with the Kicker subs, you can can get the box form a Kicker authorize dealer or go to ebay they also have the custom fit boxes there. On the amp go with Memphis 1000D class, they are A+++++++, by the way there is one on Ebay at this moment the Auction number is 5800499225 and would finish in 22hrs. For the deck an Alpine MP3.
  15. ive owned alot of mtx subs.2 12" 4000's.2 12" 6000"s,3 10" 6000's and i have 1 12"8000 in my stang and my wife has 1 10"8000 in her sport trac and have always liked the way the sound and they can be had for a good price too!! phil
  16. Ever thought about building your own box? If you have the tools to do it, its alot cheaper than getting one custom made, and better quality than buying a pre-fab box.
  17. I've thought about it, but I don't trust myself that much with something that I know next to nothing about.
  18. I went to an acquaintance general contractor/carpenter with the recommended manufacturer specs for a box: 12" X 12" x 10" deep (for my 10" sub), 3/4" MDF. 20 bucks! Make sure you build it to mfr. specs.
  19. I'd do one nice 12 or two 10's. I'll be getting an alpine type r or memphis.
  20. I have one good 10", and it's plenty. It's powered by 2 channels of a 50wpc 4-channel amp, and does just fine (of course that's underrated continuous rms sine wave power). Clean power (immeasurable distortion) makes all the difference. IMO