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  1. It depends on the woofer,get a dual 2 ohm VC,wire it in parallel,ONLY as long as the amp is 1 ohm stable,if its not,it might burn up.If its only 2 ohm stable,get a dual 4 ohm woofer.I dont know the specs on the Cadence amps,but they should be similiar to the others.
  2. Its just my woofer is dual 4 ohm... I don't know enough about systems to figure what I need.
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  5. meaning will a 800 or so watt mono block from cadence work with the dual 4 ohm? I'm really a 3rd grader in terms of audio, sorry.

  6. look at the amp ratings at each ohm. for instance

    1000watts x 1channel @ 1 ohms
    500 watts x 1 channel @ 2 ohms
    250 watts x 1 channel @ 4 ohms

    you said you had a 15L7? id power it with about 800-1200 watts. So look for an amp that provides that power at 2 ohms.
  7. OK, but if you don't mind me asking, why at 2 ohm? Is that setup just the best or the only way to power the dual 4 ohm speaker?
  8. you didnt see the diagrams? a DVC 4 ohm speaker can only be wired to 2 ohms or 8 ohms. amps make more power at 2 ohms than at 8 ohms.
  9. not necesarrily,you could also wire each VC to a channel on the amp,meaning the amp would be 4ohm,less power,less heat,longer lifespan(not a real problem)
  10. I wish i posessed the knowledge to understand fully, and know why. So a mono-block cadence amp wired at 2 ohm to a DVC 4 ohm sub will be fine, and not hurt the sub?
  11. yup :nice:
  12. Gosh, thats all you had to say, not this whole wiring thing, and ranting on all these other companies.

  13. The internet can be both a blessing and a mess at the same time.

    For ease of shopping, it's best if you go around and do some listening yourself. Name brand, mass produced gear is not all bad and not all bling. Judging by your first post, you're just looking for something cheap and reliable. This is easily found.

    Many people shy away from the internet brands due to lack of knowledge or the fact that if they have a problem with something, they can't just take it back to the store for repair or replacement. Just a risk you have to take when buying.

    If you are really looking to get seriously involved in the hobby and your project, there is a myriad of knowledge available on various audio forums throughout the net.

    Along with joining these forums, you're priviledged to some insider knowledge and tricks, many good deals on products, and just a better overall understanding of the components you will be buying.

    Also keep in mind though, many people think they are an expert and can lead you down an incorrect path, so do your homework and use your brain. And listen with YOUR ears, not someone elses.
  14. im running one diamond 12 with a rockford 600.1 @2 ohms amp. 1 12 is plenty for me...its not earsplitting...but my rearview mirrors rattles. make sure you have money for things like wiring, sound deadening material, etc. you also may need a new alternator (i know i did...and my system isnt huge), and theres the possibility of blowing fuses. im no master, but i've done a little homework. i think iskwezm knows what he's talking listen to him. that L7 will be plenty (read PLENTY) of bass when correctly powered. another thing a lot of new guys dont think about....a big sub like that is gonna make a lot of sound, be careful with your ears man. hope all goes well..lets see some pics!

    edit...My stuff:
    Sony Xplod head unit (i know, not the best...but its fine for me)
    Infinity Gold internals
    Diamond DVC (4 ohms) wired in parallel
    Rockford Fosgate 600.1 (2 ohms) watt monoblock amp
    stinger wiring (8 gauge i believe)
    and a new battery and motorcraft alternator (after i killed my alt and 2 batteries)
    maybe a 4 channel to power the internals soon???
  15. make sure you have enough room in your trunk for a box that big...L7s like big ported boxes.
  16. ^^^ i agree. make sure you have enough room...i would have gotten 2 10's or even 12's, but there is almost no room in a fox coupe trunk. the big ass ported box for my 1 12 hardly fits.

  17. actually yes. they are an Aussie brand. And they arent mass produced compared to your Kicker, Alpine and infinity brands. And one 12 inch type r hitting 150.... Not on a Termlab buddy. Get a real meter. And check out Adire you will probably like them. RE and such bought the XBL2 technology from them to run in their subs. 1 brahma 10 has hit 147 db. has a 2 inch excursion, and 1 of them wieghs 35 lb.s . Pretty wild subs. only want 600 RMS watts as well. I dont know a WHOLE lot about them but im fixing to do a buy in with them and put 2 of them 10's on a Cadence ZRS9 and see how well they take abuse. suppose to be one of the best SQ subs out their. MMats is a VERY good company, thats why i sell them hehe. their subs are more SPL based but very nice. Amps have high quality as well. price tag tells ya that. And i love my cadence. Cant beat it for the money. The digital Amadeus M7000 and 2 wild beast 12's.... boom boom biotch's. :hail2:
    Check out the adire though, and lemme know what ya think. Iskwezm.. where did ya work and what ya do?????
  18. I was a installer for a few years and then worked for X-file Audio,Ample Audio,Tornado,Audiobahn/Swiss Audio,Crossfire and recently turned down a job at Alpine due to health reasons.At these companies I held different position such as technical advisor,national sales manager,sales rep and trainer.

    So Cadence is MADE in Australia???? :shrug: ok.

    I have a catalog somewhere around here, that I got from CES.Its some speaker company in Taiwon.Anybody with about 30-50K can get their own speaker line.You can pick your own basket,cone material,dust cap design ans the same goes for amps and video too..Theres very few manufactures that make thier own speakers,amp and video designed by them.
  19. As for room, I have a hatch... so i believe it will fit with ease. Someone in my Auto Tech. class was talking smack, and said not to get a S15L7 because it will shatter my windows.... is there any truth to that? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm pretty much a virgan to car audio. I'm learning, but its a process. I just asked the company I bought my sub from for my money back. It's been a bit sketchy for my tastes. So don't have the S15L7 DVC 4ohm, but I'm doing my shopping again, and I'm seeing more the the DVC 2ohm subs...are they better? What are the pros/cons of it?

  20. its damn near impossible to shatter your windows.

    and for those of you who question the type R i can give you the screen name of the man who tested them, he builds boxes specifically for the type R with a unique design he will not share.