Subs and budget

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  1. You wont shatter any windows.

    Its not that a DVC 2 OHM woofer is better,its just that sometimes its easier to get ther desired resistance to work with a amp.Sometimes you might reach a 2 ohm load on a amp that is 1 ohm stable,so your not gonna get the max wattage from it.
  2. if you are gonna run the amp at 2 ohms (usually the most power, thats if its NOT 1 ohm stable, and most mass produced amps arent). you wire the double 2 ohm voice coils in parallel to get a resistance of 2 ohms (im pretty sure on that, i may be mixing and matching #'s). maybe its dual 4 ohm. man im confused. anyways your not gonna shatter your windows with one L7. now if you had 8...then there could be a problem. but again...listen to isk...and for subwoofer choices, if you wanna run mainstream, i've heard good things about infinity perfects, i love my diamond (you have to find a dealer), im not so fond of the new RF stuff, there's JL, etc. its all about what sounds good to you, and what fits your price range. but dont cheap out now, you'll regret it. save your money and buy the system of your dreams, so you dont have to keep upgrading. what are you gonna do about a box???
    hope it helped
    (edit DVC 4 ohms wired in parallel gives a 2 ohm load. duh)
  3. I've heard cheap woofers sound good and good woofers sound cheap.There was guy with this L5 knockoff,made by Pyramid i think,it hit 153 DB,so woofer is a woofer,the box can make or break it.I personally think a L7 15" is too much, but this is what i put in my buddies truck.This is 4 L5 12" and 1 2000 watt X File D class 1 ohm stable amp(speakers are down to 1/2 ohm :rlaugh: ) and 1 800 watt 4 ch. amp.
  4. aaaand another common misconception about kickers
  5. As of the S15L7, I personally think i will acually go to 1, 12" L7. I think it should still be plenty loud, and powerful. Would it be that much better to get the 15" over the 12"? But I could buy a kicker box, and save me the hassle of making, or having a box made. So now I think the question is: Go with the S15, or S12? and which amp to run for the the one chosen? Iskwezm, I think you have the most knowledge about this, so feel free to chime in, and recomend anything.
  6. I like to use the L5's,they take less power and you wont miss anything,a good 800-1000 "D" class should work good for you.Most of the prefab boxes are close to the specs youll need.

    L5 600/1200 watts .88-2.0 cu ft sealed
    L7 750-1500 watts same box.
  7. Get a custom box made, itll make a huge difference over a prefab.
  8. if you have the funds, do 1 adire brahma 12 and a cadence or mmats amp. you WILL hit over 150 with a good box.
  9. Check this site out.I buy at wholesale and some of these prices are about what I pay,so basically my resale does nothing. :notnice: