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  1. I have a 1994 GT, no Mach 460, so I am looking at getting some subs, I dont want to be heard from like a block away, I just want a little bumpin. So should I go with 1 12" or 2 10"s? also, will putting subs in my trunk make it rattle, and can you hear it over the exhaust, I have flowmaster 40 series
  2. Either way you go you will be happy...I have two 10's and love them, but I'm doing one 12 in my gf's V6.

    Yes you could possibly have rattling issues if you put the box in the spare tire well IF you don't sound deaden the car.
  3. Its not really the number of subwoofers, its the wattage that you are concerned with. 800 watts rms across 2 10's is going to sound almost the same as 800 watts rms across 1 12. A good amount of bass would be between 200-300 watts rms if you dont want to have a ton of rattles, but you want to be able to hear it over your exhaust. Anything over 500 watts rms, you will have to concern yourself with charging issues, and sound deadening issues. Good luck, and if you have any questions on brands, or wiring post it...
  4. may i suggest 2 koda8's? with a 300watt amp. those 8s will hit harder than alot of 10s
  5. it also depends on the type of music you listen to, if you like a lot of hip hop i would go with the 12 they handle the beats better than the 10 in that aspect but if you like a lot of metal,rock or alternative something where the beat hits faster get the 10s they recover faster for the next beat. the pro to the 12s is they get louder and deeper than the 10 but the 10 reacts faster thats why its better for the types of music i mentioned. atleast thats my opinion of them .

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    A sub of any size isn't inherently "slow" or "fast". The transient factor of a woofer is decided by its mechanical parameters and its parameters once enclosed. I can tell you that I have a handfull of 15" woofers, and 1 18" that will certainly give any 10 or 12 a severe beating in the transience department, and they'll be louder doing it.

    Next! Total displacement will decide what your overall output ability will be. Theoretically, 2-10's from the same series of a woofer will be louder than a single 12, but you could always get a higher-displacement 12! Example, 2 Infinity Kappa 10's will not diplace the same amount of air as a single Brahma 12, even at a given wattage. Then, the Brahma will take more power without compression (ie, continue to get louder).
  7. I was thinking about getting 2 rockford fosgate 10" Punch stage 1's, or maybe 1 12" stage 1. I listen mostly to hard rock, and Im trying to stay low in the cost range, so I want something that sounds good and isint going to cost me a lot of money
  8. I have 2 volfenhag 12's and a 1600 watt amp. I used lighting audio wires. I have set up a lot of systems and i have to say these brand speakers and amp are very very nice. the price tags are nice too. I enter in to a lot of sound comps and put my car on the mic. If you are looking for someting that will give you the gutt renching bass go with these subs. But i listen to a lot of diffrent types of music. From rap to country and metal. I have never have anybody tell me that it matters what type of music you listen to on what kind of subs to get. you can adjust things later in your head unit for the diffrent types of music. the only things that decide which sub you need is price, if it will fit where you want to put it, and if you car can take it. meaning i would nto put 2 18's in the back of my cobra facing up so it cracks my rear glass and makes the bolts on my trunk lid rattle off. just my .02. Let me know if you need some advice. i have 2 12's like i said and id id nto have to sound proof my car. If you know what you are doing you will have no trouble. the only thing i had to do was dyno matt my license plate. which is normal since it only has 2 screws the bottom part hits. Other than that if you face the AIR SPACE not the subs the AIR SPACE (Where they send the air) you will be good to go.
  9. I have 1 10" Infinity Perfect and a 250w rms amp and its more than enough bass for my Mustang. I just wanted some boom to match up to my upgraded mids/highs, and I have zero rattles and no charging issues.
  10. I have an Alpine type r 10 in an enclosed box with an alpine v power MRP-F450.Could switch to an MRP-F650 if you want more power. It sounds like a good set up for you it still pounds but can turn it down and still hear the great sound of flowmasters.Always will have rattle in most cars just have to find ways to stop it with hush mat.
  11. Alpine, can you post pics?
  12. so what would be the best way to mount a sub in a vert?
  13. In a box rated to the speaker size, somewhere in the trunk.
  14. maybe I should have been more specific..I meant facing which way front towards the cabin, or back, towards the spare tire
  15. I have one Kicker Comp 10 inch sub in a MTX Thunderform box on the passenger side of the trunk facing the rear powered by a soundstream amp. Its plenty bass for me with the amp at 1/4 gain. The bass changes of course in regards to having the top up or down.
  16. for a decent amount of bass with SQ in mind .. I'd go for a PROPERLY powered 10" Alpine Type-R in a sealed box powered with any sufficient clean amp - any alpine, kicker, rockford, jbl, jl, phoenix gold, orion, etc. amp... with amps do not cheap out - clean power makes subs happy.

    when chosing or building a box, make sure you look at the manual for the sub you buy for box specs - theyll tell u what size enclosure to have for SQ or SPL applications...

    when getting a new sub, break it in - 5 or 6 hours on lower volume (straight) will do a good job.. the best way to break in a stereo is through radio static

    but really, just goto an audio store and listen to the subs and find something you like for the music you listen to - find a good amp that will power it nicely (that meets or exceeds rms rating) and you'rre good to go.
  17. JL Stealthbox..

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  18. +1 for the JL stealthbox

    Though for much less money you can get a Rockford box. That's what I did and with the addition of a spacer I was able to shoe horn a 10W6v2 into it. As far as I can tell it is the exact same box as the JL product minus the carpeting. It hits really hard and sounds awesome in the cab. I can annoy the neighbors if I wish, but it's not obnoxious and it's not the type of system you can hear for blocks.

    BTW where did you put your amp turbogt?