subs in the trunk

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  1. Right here

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  2. A lot depends on what you mean on keeping cost down. A cheap install to some people is a few grand, but to others is a couple hundred.

    If you are into rock and not rap / hip hop I think 10's would be fine. I have one 12" and its plenty and I listen to both rock and rap. Plus I have the whole trunk dynomatted so no rattles. 8^)

    I will tell you that RF punch are not the best, I have blown many of them in the past few years in my past cars. I even blew their HX2's. Make great amps, but not the best speakers, IMHO.

    If you are looking for cheap , easy, and nothing fancy...I would get a pre-made box (JL Stealth, etc) or even a self powered Bass Tube.

  3. in the spare tire well under a false floor
  4. Think a 12" Alpine Type-R with a Alpine M-650 amp going to it is good enough for me?
  5. Type R's are good subs.