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  1. Anyone do any cool subwoofer installations in the trunk? I'm considering putting a couple of 10s behind the rear seat where the divider is, but I'm not sure what that is going to sound like without an enclosure (being that the trunk would be the enclosure). I'm also considering making some sort of slim box to go in that space.

    I realize this thread may belong in the Show and Sound section, but I figured some of you would have some advice about installations, or some photos of what you've done. Any ideas would be helpful...
  2. Here's what I did, it hits :D
    Had to make custom boxes out of MDF in order to get that nice clean install without too much $$. Only spent around 300 labor for the carpeting and amp finding someone who knows what they're doing to help you, and a good place to buy will make all the difference in spending a little on an expensive system.
    Best of luck.


    Some more pics

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  3. I dont know how much bass you are looking for, but the 10's would sound real nice, but you would have to build boxes. I dont know if you have a console, but i built one out of MDF and put an 8" dual voice coil sub in it. With 150 watts RMS, it really does sound nice, not car shaking, but you know its there
  4. I don't care for freeair enclosures as you described, using the trunk for the box. You don't get a lot of sound for your woofer. A well braced extremely well sealed box is the easiest way to build a good enclosure with good range. Make sure the woofer you buy is designed to work with a sealed enclosure. Some prefer ported over sealed and some are designed specifically for free air applications. Follow the manufacturers recommendations for air volume.

    Another option for building an enclosure for 2 10's especially when space is a consideration, is compound loading. Basically you screw them together facing each other so that one magnet is outside the box. The required air volume is cut in half of what is needed for a single woofer. Now instead of a 2 cubic foot box for 2 10's, you only need 1 half cubic foot for 2 10's. You do lose about 3-5 db with compound loading but it plays much lower bass. If you want to flex windshields with a barely audible note an still keep a spare tire, this is a great option.
  5. Here's my setup. I've got a bunch of pix at my website.
  6. Very nice!
  7. subwoofer

    Here's what we did about about 12 years ago. These fire twelves right into the rear seat and are ported to 40 hertz right up through the rear package tray. You have to enclose the woofers if you want a good clean hit!


  8. PCH, I love your mustang and I can't wait to see your cobra. I found your site probably a year and a half ago and check for updates from time to time. I had been wondering if you were a member here or not. Anyway, someday when I actually get a mustang, I will probably uise your's as an inspiration. You documented a lot of great ideas there. :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  9. They let just about anyone in here now days. :D Welcome to StangNet Jay.
    Take your shoes off, stay a while. Its a great place to spend countless hours of your life.

  10. Thanks for the compliments kirb. My other projects have finally settled down a bit to really start working on the Cobra. Hopefully I can update the website with more pictures over the holidays.
  11. PCH. I found your site about a month ago. Today is my first day on this webring (just bought my first Ford a 65 Stang) and I love your stang. Before i dodnt have that many ideas of what to do but every time I read your site I get good new ideas. Thanks for making that website. Well thats enough a*# kissing for now.
  12. Wow thanks for all the great replies -- I'm looking into how I can make an affordable but soundworthy solution work for me.

    Next question: For the 6x9's in the rear, is it better to mount them on top of the rear valance or mount them underneath (hidden?) Because the 6x9 protrudes a bit, I would need to custom fabricate some sort of device to make the mount from underneath work. .. any ideas on what to do?
  13. Those systems look really great guys.

    My only conern is....extra weight! Some of those installs probably added 150+ lbs.

    not sure if I like that so much :)
  14. I think a lot of wood components are fiberboard or some sort of hardened material but most of it is pretty lightweight, I'd be surprised to find it puts 150 lbs on the car, but maybe 50-75. In any case, if its in the trunk, maybe it provides extra traction? Good tunes are worth a few extra horses. Notice I said a FEW, as in hmm, TWO. :rolleyes:
  15. I dunno, some of those setup looked liky plywood. I will tell you though, its not light no matter what you use because you use a lot of it!
    Maybe it is lighter than I think.

    Eh, just have to rejet the nitrous :)
  16. I see alot of trunk boxes....are you building a show stereo or something to just sound good? I have a FB so I don't have a lot of room in my trunk so I am in the process of designing a custom enclosure to mount an 8 inch open air sub behind the fiberglass panels (one on each side)...this project is still in its theory stage right now since I have to mount the roll bar first and then see if there is still room, but without a roll bar, there is a cavernous amount of a space in there that an enterprising person could even fab up a sealed sub emclosure in....then its all go and no the crooks ;) without sacraficing space.
  17. I'm trying to build something that looks good and sounds good, and it's in a show car of sorts, so I'm not entirely too concerned about actual usability of trunk space.