Subwoofers - Reccomendations?

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  1. I saw my buddie's subs in his bug and now i'm interested in putting them in my 98 mustang coup, but I have no idea where to start. I have a guy that can install them, but I was wondering if I could get some reccomendations for some good ones that don't cost too much, and I have no idea what size I can put in a mustang. Hyperlinks help.
  2. Heads up you'll lose some trunk space. Everyone reccomends the expensive subs (kickers, JL) with a box for two I can barely fit two 10s in my truck.

    I have two sony xplodes with a crunch amp thats enough for me.
  3. I got two 12's in a ported box in my 88 vert's trunk, I had to cut the box in half horizontal so the trunk could close but it works. Also the spare is still in there.

    Another ghetto thing is that my trunk latch actually prevents it from coming out lol

    It is this -

    Hits really good, not too crazy but it will be plenty.
  4. What is your total budget for amps, wiring, enclosure, and subs? What type of music do you listen to? How much do you use your trunk?
  5. I've run a single JL Audio 10W3, 10" sub in a relatively small enclosure for 10+ years and absolutely love it. I've only had to replace it once, probably about 2 years ago.

    I've got a small Kenwood amp pushing it, again, 10+ years old.
  6. Ive been in the car audio game for 3 years and still am! .... I go to SPL Contests(Sound Pressure Level) and these guys are doing 150db + in there cars/trucks..... But anyways Dont go with JL Audio its OVERPRICED fancy alpine subs... trust me.... Dont go with ANYTHING MAINSTREAM like Kicker,Alpine, JL audio, Rockford Fosgate, Pioneer etc..... Go with Sundown Audio, EMF Audio, DC Audio, FI Audio, SSA Audio, Digital Designs,... and possibly RE Audio ... They sell U.S Built Triple magnet subs that will pound.. not this mainstream chinese junk.... oh and dont EVER buy subs from Walmart .. like EVER... i dont care if its 40$ and it says 2000watts!
  7. 1) thread is from 2012
    2) I hate JL, and I will still say you're wrong on your assessment of them
    3) why hate on mainstream subs? I've ran RF and I've ran DC XL's. I have two Fi BL's in right now. Saying "don't buy mainstream" knocks out a lot of solid options for people not looking to burp 150+ out of a trunk wall. They have their place and can sometimes outperform the niche brands when used correctly.
    4) they aren't "US Built" and mainstream is from China. A lot of the subs you mentioned as being good are only assembled here, all soft parts and coils are foreign. Same with almost all audio equipment anymore.
  8. 1)Im actually NOT wrong of my "assessment" on JL Audio....LOL... have you gone to SPL competition or Sound Quality Competitions? ... Most guys are running Image Dynamics , SSA , or rarely JL Audio W6s or w7... so i know what im talking about....
    2)Kicker/Alpine/Polk Audio/Rockford Subwoofers is Mainstream and their stuff is overpriced junk.... HOWEVER i will say Rockford Amps are decent and they are a quality piece... their subs are ehhh... to say kicker is good stuff must mean you're pretty novice in the audio game... and OK! if people aren't looking to burp 150DBs out of their setups that WHY Sundown and DC Audio make Level 1 and E8 subwoofers or 150$ cheap low 40o WATT rms subs... for people who dont want to be loud.... and i guarentee no mainstream sub will Outperform or OUTPOUND a Fi Audio or Sundown Subwoofer given the INSTALL is correct and the subwoofer box... (ported) are the same... Firstly the voice coil material (winding) ... Spider Progression System, Motor Cooling, Flux Capacity, and BL(motor Strength) or let alone Excursion(soft parts) .... and as for soft parts being imported... that only appplies to certarin Brands such as DC and Sundown.... FI , SSA, and Digital Designs... RE Audio(US AMPS) ....all have their parts STILL made in the USA... i spoke with two different Production Engineers about this from RE and SSA.... .. I build Subwoofer boxes and Emulate Real Time Decibel Performance as a hobby... as well as a Home Theater Enthusiast... When i say certain brands will outperform others im not saying this as a "keyboard jockey" so to speak.. im saying this because i have experience , wasted money, and have tested and tried these subwoofers in many applications and there parameters dont hold up for abuse in a "given" application...
  9. Easy there bud lol I've been doing SPL comps for a very long time. I agree, some drivers have more POTENTIAL than others when it comes to output. But what I'm getting at is that the install is the most important piece of the equation, equipment is second. Especially when it comes to SQ or SQL. If you have the experience you say you have, then you know this.
  10. Dude nothing personal! Haha its all good.Im just stating what i know... I will agree that "the Install" is the number 1 thing that is MOST important(I've seen crappy subs outperform high quality ones just solely based on the subwoofer box and install), and then of course the subs,amps,wiring, etc... And yes I do know this... Ive done it LITERALLY over 100+ times and have helped guys do 160db+ setups.. :) But lately i've been very crucial about helping people get the right equipment first ... like batteries and high output alternators and doing it as cheap and as efficient as possible... because to THIS day, there are STILL guys out there that think they can put a "So called" 2000watt amp RMS to their 2000watt subs and "THINK" that they're pushing that much on a stock electrical.Your system is only good as your electrical and most people don't know this.