such bull****

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  1. Imagine what Bill Fisher is gonna put down with a modded 5.4 3V...lots of Potential.
  2. Would you like some cheese with the " '05s make too much power"-whine?
  3. If youre offering
  4. The 3Vs really represent well.
  5. so :shrug:

    the mach motors do the same, 300rwhp is only but a o/r pipe and a good filter away
  6. wow, i guess they found the ls1 of the ford world, j/k
  7. U dont believe the numbers?
  8. no, he's just jealous
  9. just hope he replaced those stock injectors. not to mention spark knock...
  10. too bad our 2Vs suck so much ass :mad: If the S197 wasnt so ugly, i'd want one...
  11. wasting a great engine on such an ugly car ... :nonono:
  12. Agreed. Love the power of the new models, hate the looks.
  13. Tim is one hell of a tuner.
  14. SAE = 298 and 318. Not as impressive now hehe. But still makes more than me with all my work :(. Thats why I have to go 4V and tear these guys up :D. (500RWHP is what im aiming for)
  15. yeah they are going in right now. i only put them in to test how they worked. they are kinda tune unfriendly. i needed to know what advice to give others trying the swap. i have more answers now, so all the good stuff is going in this weekend. there are no knock issues with 3v. if anything i need more spark, but it has to wait until i get it tuned for the 24#. mixture first advance next. it acts like it needs a bunch more spark. it could just be leanout at initial WOT though. i use regular unleaded. so many things to do, so little time.
  16. Now you know what the 96-98 guys felt like when we were king with 99+ :D
  17. Kinda like the 03-04 Terminator is top dog for now until the 07 Shelby comes out. That 5.4 4V is just begging to be modded!
  18. Blah Blah Blah ok :hail2: lol NPI heads:bang:

  19. but the 3V is less expensive, higher production, and lighter.