such bull****

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  1. Bastids... Must be nice :(
  2. Im not scared. Besides, the price tag on those cars, I would hope they made 300+ hp.
  3. i just saw an 06 GT goin for 34k today at my nearest ford dealership :nonono:
  4. put your own 3v,4v in and join the party.
  5. harder to install into a 96-04..
  6. i've raped my fair share of 99+'s with my 98 GT..
  7. i bought my stang about 3 months too early...but i prolly wouldnt have gotten a family discount with a 05 at the time
  8. i'm not sure a 3v is less expensive. i also whipped a good number of 99+ gt's (and g35's)before yanking the worthless crap pile out.

    on the subject of my upgrades. i changed my mind...

    i am trashing the 24# injectors in favor of 30#. i feel the need to skip to injectors large enough to support bigger rwhp.
  9. and ive whipped much more with a lighter fox body coupe 32v. with 4 cylinder insurance to pay and extra money to play.
  10. i just can't get myself to build another fox notch.

    my last one had 125hp plate and 10:1, roller everything, etc. very fast, but just too plain. fast with good looks for me. fast with crappy looks, or even fastest in the world and crappy looks? not for me any more.

    no doubt a race stripped 83 notch with a 32v is a dream. it just looks like a box. very intimidating in black. my 83 was blue. i guess if i was after all out speed it's the only way to go. i originally built a high output 2.3 for it. i pulled it out after a few months for the 302.

    it's kinda like a vega big block chevy. i just wish there was a light weight fox4. less than 3000. oh well. you light weights will always own guys like me.
  11. hey bill,
    i finally got to strip down a 3V motor. though it wasnt a 4.6, a 5.4. be careful if you ever have to remove the cam gears. theres some preloaded reluctant wheel held on by very weak dowl pins which can come off when reinstalling the gears or even taking them off. other than that, a pretty typical mod motor just with an extra valve.

    as far as building another mod fox, maybe if i had the time....but its one fun daily driver! i wouldnt mind getting my hands on a lightning motor/harley d. sc or maybe someone in my island will wreck their ford gt beyond repair and be able to salvage that motor. oh well....i have no time to be spending on projects right now, gotta spend time with my family, the little one is growing up so fast. but will be putting a lift in the garage one day....will post pictures when the project is underway.

    i guess it comes down to preference. i prefer mine very low profile, as to not to attract attention from the local popos. cut off the stock 4 cylinder tailpipe near the hanger and leave the 4 cylinder tailpipe out the back. though some fat tires and 4 cylinder tailpipe, may have pple thinking, what an idiot, a 4 cylinder with wanna be 5L tires. with the side exhausts, its nice to hide your true colors infront of your fat tires.
  12. they didn't sae
  13. Are the 05+ GTs iron block? I wish I could put down those numbers with such bs mods :(
  14. none of the 05+ gt's are iron.