Sugar/coke in gas tank will damage engine. Fact or Myth?

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  1. My car was in for repair because when i cranked it up one morning it sounded like it was misfiring. The mechanic tells me that the rocker arm got knocked out of alignment and caused a valve to stay open, which ended up getting damaged by the piston. NEway, the heads were also damaged and sent out for repair. The people working on the heads clamied to have found some sticky substance that could've been sugar. First of all is this possible? If so, can it cause what the mechanics described. If this isn't clear, i'll try to get more details from the mechanic.

    '98 gt w/ 66,000 miles
  2. Not sugar. It can't get through the fuel filter. Atleast, according to a few previous sugar in tank threads.
  3. :stupid: sugar can't get through the fuel system. Coke on the other hand, maybe, but I don't think it would jack up your rocker arm. :shrug:
  4. Maybe but not likely. First with the flapper in the gas filler neck it would be a pain to pour it in there. If you did get it in the tank, I would think it would foul up the pump first, then the clog the filter before it ever got to the engine. If it did get to the engine, and didn't clog the injectors, I still don't really see how it could possibly be enough left to make enough of a deposit to stick a valve open.
  5. yup....Sugar gums up filters, jets and injectors. But it don't blow engines. You'd have to have a huge amount in the tank for it even to have made it a difference. It's not like dropping a couple of cubes in the tank like you seen in the movies. Maybe the sticky sweet substance they found was antifreeze? :shrug: That would suck!
  6. my autos teacher told us that sugar just does somethin to the gas which would be nothin harmful. he said if u did do that it would make the car smoke a little but no damage at all.not sure about the coke :shrug:
  7. This would be a good one for MYTHBUSTERS, someone should write them. :D

    edit: I have taken it upon myself and I have writtem Myth Buster w/ this question. They have a lot of stupid question that are asked on there website.
  8. Mythbusters did this, the suger anyway, and it had no effect. On the other hand, they proved bleach in the gas and/or oil is bad.
  9. I remember that episode. They actually had some everyday substance that everyone eats/drinks that was a fuel and the car actually ran on it.

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  10. Besides the fact that it wouldnt get very far in the system sugar doesnt dissolve in gasoline.
  11. Well forget that then, I tried reading all of there "already asked question", but there is hundreds of them. I guess I wasted my time.
  12. Where'd you get it for that price?
  13. O'reilly Auto Parts
  15. I told you how much. You never responded.
  16. Dead lifter probably caused the arm to jack up. Did it break the rocker?? It's hard to see where the rocker would be able to take and hold open the valve long enough for it to hit the piston without being taken out itself, let alone come off the valve stem. I had a bad lifter once and as soon as the lobe hit the rocker it just popped right off the valve. Have you actually seen the damaged parts? I've only had a rocker "slide" off the valve in my 89' and it had Crane golds, and then it was a spring that broke. Good luck finding out what's up.
  17. Maybe if it was Diet Cherry Coke. :rlaugh:
  18. :D :rlaugh: