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  1. I didnt actualy come up with the idea, but as I'm a member of a few forums, I came across one that had a "jail" if you will for people that get banned. Instead of sending 'em off on the mery way they can only post in the "jail" are. Makes for some great entertainment :nice:

    Just a suggestion :)
  2. That sounds like a good one!

    So others could come visit them, but they couldn't post elsewhere, right?

    Would they have access to PM's and the usual site tools (member list, search, etc)?
  3. Yep, just the "Jail" section.. :nice: Well maybee give them 1 PM :rlaugh:
  4. Hahahaha :rlaugh: That's a nice idea, but I'm afraid people get baned so they don't come to this site. :shrug:
  5. I guess it really depends on the terms on how they get banned. But if it were over a dildo for example ;), the person could revisit and state there case.. Like i said entertainment :D
  6. I can see that :rlaugh: :)
  7. rehabilitation does not work
  8. ahahaha i love ur avatar 77...
    tho it isnt rehab its sort of an outcast section...+1 for a category for people (given their circumstance upon bannage) for entertainment....or maybe this idea could be worked and molded that somewhat resembles the main point?
  9. Probs not, but you have to admit it would be fun.

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